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An interesting interpretation of the body language of a lawyer on a couch with an attractive woman: it does make you think about how many 'Alpha' men become solicitors.  ;D

QuoteBeta Male Body Language, A (cringe-worthy) Series

January 30, 2017 by CH

If your body language resembles the pose of the male in this photo, and the girl you're with looks like the woman in this photo, end your date immediately because you aren't getting any.

Ouch. So much beta in one snapshot. A summary of what he's doing wrong:

leaning forward
clasping hands (merchant-style) and blocking the view of his crotch
downcast gaze
looks like he's apologizing for farting
And her autonomous "get away from me you lazy-eyed psycho" reaction:

leaning backward
arms and hands blocking vagina viewage
retreated into corner of couch to maximize physical distance
looks like she smelled a fart
Remember the cardinal rule of pickup: FLIP THE SCRIPT. You will get sex if you are the chasee and the woman is the chaser. It takes some skill and effort to flip the seduction script, because the default dynamic between men and women is hunter male-hunted female....which will never be overturned, but a smart man knows perceptions can be altered just enough to jog a woman out of her natural indifference and into a curious feeling.

Ben Shapiro's lawyer is chasing badly here, and Tomi is reacting as most attractive women do when presented with an over-eager suitor — she is recoiling to protect her precious eggs from contamination by subpar sperm.

So what should Shapirolawyer be doing instead? Think the Mad Men silhouette: relaxing lasciviously into the couch, arm draped over the back, legs impudently spread, head tilted back a little, chin up, smile wiped from his face. As a man, if you incorporate these alpha body language cues, the woman you are with will irresistibly and mechanically assume the vulnerable, entreating posture of flowering arousal. As you lean back, she leans in....as you stop smiling, she smiles more (to earn your hiding smile)....as you eye her judgmentally, she juts her bosom under your gaze....as you deliver ambiguous signals of intent, her intent to get to know you becomes clearer. When you feel that she has begun chasing you is when you can make a more forcefully intentional move on her sexsugarbloodmagick. A woman needs this challenge; deny her at risk of acquiring incel mojo

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