Currently known as Nottingham, THE ANCIENT BRITONS called it "Tig Guocobauc" ('the dwelling of caves').

Given the documented multiple failures of the 'Judiciary' operating in and through the Crown House of Rothschild's de facto court and tribunal service to provide remedy to the people in this geographical locale in the face of a variety of most serious matters relating to, without limitation, void mortgages and other financial tyrannies, unlawful council tax collection and enforcement, institutional child abuse and trafficking through state-run children's homes and general levels of state-sponsored tyranny, many of which are backed-up by the bully-boy collectors commonly known as Notts Police, it is established beyond doubt that that said local justice service is unfit for purpose.

In the light of which, the good and sovereign people of these parts, having been utterly failed by their 'public servants', are required to provide that which the judiciary has denied them – lawful remedy. continued here gjislesprydein@hushmail.com[/email]]http://roguemale.org/2015/07/19/a-grand-jury-of-and-for-the-people/

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