Please comment with some ideas for alerting to medics and other medical workers that health matters are held in Trust, or there is an exemption such in religious grounds. This is useful to prevent intervention that is against your wishes if you are incapacitated.

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Just looking around my new phone and found a medical info section which can be accessed by paramedics when if the phone is off.

Regarding notifying that health matters are held in trust, this could be used to declare this and also any other info such as next of kin contact.

If the app doesn't appear, try searching for medical on your phone apps, if you have this feature it should then show.

Here's what I've done with suggested wording:

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Also for expressing religious exemption, you may wish to look at Holistic.Church
This is a 'religion' that has been set up as a tool for use as a religious exemption, based upon Natural Law and the Biological Laws of Nature (explained in the thread on German New Medicine)

Thank you for all this Dani, I will get back to this xx

I've put this under ID Cards as there has been discussion of medical cards in addition to SCT cards.

Here is what they have to say on PoA in their juristiction, descriptions of different types of PoA and links to forms.

And here is official section of Office of Public Guardian that registers and manages PoA

Jamie has pointed out that they take 11 weeks to process a PoA.

This is an idea for a medical symbol for UCT medical cards or bracelets. It's akin to this bracelet posted below so at a quick glance looks similar enough but ours has the innermost aspect of the flower of life, or the seed of life. 

@dani I like the idea of duplicating our medical info on the phone, info which is essentially protected by trust, PoA aside.  It's 'notice' in more than one place, they can not deny we made every effort to make our wishes clear in event of conflict.

Regarding medical cards and/or jewellery, did you say the other day we could have a website, one source for all SCT's that could be contact on card?  I was distracted when I think I saw you say that somewhere can you run that past me again here?  What is your idea on it?

Please and thank you xx