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Success with the Taxman

Started by FOTLCKA Michael, May 24, 2010, 11:53:59 PM

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Hi fmotlywu

QuoteI can't understand why we would be asking proof of claim of strawman's liabilities as opposed to the living man or women, that is the part which has prevented me using it thus far.

Can you please help me to understand this useage?

It's my understanding that the real man is not liable for taxes. The PERSON is. If you are not using the PERSON in the public, and there is no employment, unemployment or self employment status attached to him, there can be no liability.

In my view, it's up to you how you use the PERSON - some choose to drop it all together, along with all the benefits and privileges attached to it.

i hope this has helped.


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"In my view, it's up to you how you use the PERSON - some choose to drop it all together, along with all the benefits and privileges attached to it."

Hi I am That I am,

Care to elaborate this last comment?

i'm curious about the declaration of sovereignty and how this affects the PERSONs standing within that society, for instance, how would one travel if we renounced all forms of governance? surely that would make the government issued passport invalid. what would be the protocol when moving between countries?

sorry if this is off topic......



Im a sales agent working fo a National company, I operate through my "Limited Company". Im now considering to Invoice my Company for "consultancy" fees signed by my lower case name, & paying the due amounts to myself in cash.
That will "balance the books" for the Company, & the cash belongs to me personally ??
Any thoughts ??  ;)


Sterling work michael!

This is entirely an issue of contract as they are demanding performance from you or your slave name rather, but they are too scared to come out openly and tell you there is no choice to consent and that you are an unrebutted slave(or are you?) or they are too far into the statute world of fiction to know any better so they just pass the buck eventually after getting up on their high horse of office only to have to get back down again, and they say we are mad.

Regarding the passport my research leads me back to the pre 19th century period and what documents were used etc.


I heard is was 'Pauper' (One Heaven, if I recall) but the general senses is the same.  :D


Can this remedy be used to stop paying PAYE (income tax) when employed and N.I. National Insurance?
I assume not as Michaels templates state hes neither self employed or employed.
Has anyone had any success cancelling their PAYE liability whilst employed?

Peace and Love :)