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The War on Children.

Started by M O'D, July 06, 2017, 11:53:41 AM

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There are many attacks made on children, whether perpetrated under the guise of religion, health or education/brainwashing. However, male genital mutilation is not usually accorded the same levels of outrage and condemnation as female genital mutilation. Some would, quite reasonably, posit that is because we live in a gynocentric world in which feminism is rife, women have been promoted to positions of power for which they are manifestly ill-equipped (see the demise of Sweden) and, as ever, men's lives are expendable. The male is here to make and be a sacrifice to war, to the 'system' and for the benefit of women.  His life is of less value and, accordingly, it will generally not be as long as a female's.

The issue of male genital mutilation is one RM has written about before – its origins lie in the bizarre dystopian history and development of Judaism. The fact that Rabbis are still engaging in this barbaric act, in the name of their 'religion' cannot justify it...

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