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Started by M O'D, December 02, 2014, 11:45:52 AM

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The power of the people: the failure of HMCTS to provide remedy and an overview of the grand jury for and of the peoples of the Isles of Britain.

RM was present in Cambridge County Court on Wednesday, 26th November. It was an oral hearing of an application for permission to appeal an order issued by the Northampton County Court Business Centre (NCCBC), a bogus bulk processing operation that masquerades as a legitimate court.

The original order of 19th June 2014 does not exist. It is not on the court file and, when asked to produce it in court, Michael Yelton (left), the man acting as judge, argued that it did in fact exist. In a hasty attempt to prove it he passed over a sheet of paper. As incredible as it may seem, that piece of paper was labelled 'Case sheet' and was immediately refused by the appellant.

The hearing was ex parte and it did not commence in a manner befitting of the appropriate treatment an individual should receive on such an occasion. With a disgruntled scowl over his face and a brusque manner that persisted throughout the twenty-five minute hearing, Michael appeared in the purple-trimmed robes of the Cult of the Black Gown (the BAR), a secretive 'professional' association of professional miscreants whose purpose is to make as much money for their masters as possible, to deny justice, to obfuscate, to threaten, to extort and to harass the people. Read the full post ยป
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Ive got this going on at the minute, bailliffs trying to use locksmiths and issuing fraudulant threats no signatures, on the envelope of his first 'notice' for removal  he wrot e onthe back the notice in your window means nothing, no signatures referred as enforcement agent in charge LEE B naturaly searched registered bailiffs , no record. referred to me as debtor to HMCTS debt type court fine. as micheal of Elmet once asked BOGUSZ for real, well believe it or not This supposed debt is for Mr.BAGUSZ. I was on my way to job nearly 30 miles away My daughter was home she rang me crying said she was scared 2 men were trying to get in the doors and windows.  I have not contracted with HM... since being in Lawful Rebellion Although I get loads of brown self assessments envelopes that i choose not to contract as is my free will right i have not received a court summons. because I was so far away and worried for my daughter I rang the mobile number didnt give them chance to communicate confirmed the trespass was witnessed and that the notice in full force now renders them liable conclude Now F.....O.... not familiar with documentation for private prosecution  can anyone give guidance . one of their paers mentioned peterborough but hey how cn you challenge a court you dont have reference too, ps last stat dec i made was booted out by pirate judge so I started lien process didnt hear from them again. this is a mess struggling with actions, far as i can see only recourse private prosecution against ''agent'' Lee B