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Declaration of Irrevocable Anarchotrust

The Sovereign Anarchonation


Bernicia & Deira

Incorporating Corieltauvi Community Trust

Declaration of Irrevocable Anarchotrust



We, the Founding Anarchotrustees, in the presence of a convention of UCT Trustees, hereby declare that the Anarchonation of Bernicia & Deira is an autonomous, self-governing and independent voluntary association of people, comprising of private Anarchotrust relationships between families, clans, groups and individuals, all of whom reject all forms of collectivist government and freely consent to co-exist in mutual co-operation under the guiding principles set out in the Treaty of Universal Community Trust [UCT Treaty]; the latter being a community of indigenous Anarchonations [also known as Sovereign Community Trusts] to which we have voluntarily agreed to pledge our sacred honour and allegiance, agreeing to do all within our capabilities to unite the indigenous peoples of the world; so that together we can work to peacefully put an end to the genocides of centralised governments, which currently threaten the very existence of our children, our children's children and the planet we share.


This Irrevocable Anarchotrust is a special purpose vehicle of the independent Sovereign Anarchonation of Bernicia & Deira, without being subject to any regulation or control of any form of centralised government, monarchy or hierarchy. It has been formed for the purposes of establishing freedom, harmony and abundance for all; and granting to our peoples the equitable benefits of permanent interest-free credit and access to virtual Anarchocurrencies [as and when available]; with a long term aim of establishing Co-operative Trade Networks, for the purposes of acquiring any product, substance or material, whether naturally occurring or organically manufactured or otherwise, free of financial charges of all natures and descriptions.


Civil disputes and criminal complaints shall be resolved under the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust, as set forth in terms of the UCT Treaty and any subsequent and mutually agreed amendments, unless otherwise agreed by the parties to a dispute or complaint.

Triad of Maxims

Upon the following triad of maxims this Sovereign Anarchonation is founded: true freedom only arises from self-determination under Natural Law; one should do no harm, but suffer no wrongdoing; and my rights end where yours begin.

Founders' Pledge

We, the Founding Anarchotrustees, do hereby pledge this day to use our best endeavours with the utmost due diligence in the administration and maintenance of our duties and obligations to our fellow Man and the planet we share. We hereby promise to conduct ourselves with honour, honesty, courage and integrity and shall from henceforth do all within our powers to facilitate the achievement of the aims and objectives set forth in the UCT Treaty and to foster the spirit of fellowship between all parties to it.

EXECUTED AS A DEED by the Founding Anarchotrustees under the seal of Universal Community Trust, on the 7th day of Aries in the year 13515, at the Spring Convention of UCT Trustees in North West Britain.
All Rights Reserved - Without Prejudice
Without Recourse - Non-Assumpsit
Errors & Omissions Excepted