I hardly know where to begin regarding the entire topic of mercury (and other heavy metal) toxicity, let alone the implications of it on our lives.

In my perception at this time, it is the single most difficult thing to address, and the most important when it comes to health.

So for the time being, I will just drop this info on the nutrient selenium here for those who may be interested in exploring it.

With love, Anna

(Ps. Silica is your friend too)

The Selenium Method

A little snippet from PubMed

Selenium is great as it binds to Mercury and pulls it out of the body. Sulphur is also good as it helps detox pathways.

If someone needs to detox from heavy metals, I find the best chelation therapy is natural zeolite clinoptilolite powder extremely effective and cheap (unless you get it from the pyramid scheme sellers - beware!) - though if you have amalgam filling in place it can destabilise them. It is excellent after having amalgams removed though.

In the case of amalgams being present, I use diatomaceous earth (high in silica) which is a gentler detox that also is a very effective parasite cleanse.

Anyone detoxing would also benefit from taking Essiac Tea (homemade from the natural dried bark and powders) to support healthy lymphatic drainage.

So a few more options there 🙂🧡