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For the ultimate truth of disease and how our bodies actually work, we need to become aware if the highly suppressed laws of biology that were discovered by Dr Hamer over 40 years ago. Understanding the biological laws, which are also known as German New Medicine, GNM, Germanishe Heilkunde or simply the biological laws of nature, creates a shift in your awareness that not only can release any fear you may have of disease, but actually proves scientifically how the modern medical industry have it so very wrong!

My website and resources at DanielleBryant.co.uk are intended to be a mere introduction into the concepts of the laws at a level that is hopefully easy to understand and accessible to everyone, no matter how much you previously know or don't know about health.

Myself and Lloyd do not class ourselves as experts or authorities of GNM, we just want to get the information out there, and when circumstances led us to be thrown in at the deep end by appearing on Richplanet TV (Sacred Medicine Show), we became the ones people began approaching in the UK to know more about this information we had shared.

When we attended the GNM Training Conference in Austria, Dr Caroline Markolin said to us she could see that we just seemed to 'get it', which is why she entrusted us with appearing on Richplanet on her behalf. And this is often what happens when you study the Biological Laws - at some point the penny drops and you just 'get it', you experience a shift in your paradigm and everything begins to make sense (or not as the case may be) from this new perspective. Lloyd and I began naturally looking at things through the GNM 'lens' and found we could answer the many questions people were asking.

You may experience this shift in your awareness through my work and want to leave it there, but there really is so much more science to explore and some more advanced aspects of the laws too, so if you are hungry for more, or my style of information is not technical enough or not convincing enough for you to experience a shift, then please expand your learning beyond my offerings! There are links for further information below.

Where to Start.....

If you are new to German New Medicine, it can be difficult to know where to begin!! Here are some recommendations:

If you like to read rather than watch, check out my article The Wisdom of German New Medicine and then other GNM articles and case studies which may help you further understand it
You can also see an article on German New Medicine by Michael O'Bernicia HERE

If you prefer to watch a video, and like watching longer presentations, check out the video of the event I ran with with husband Lloyd called Sacred Medicine: The Science & Wisdom of GNM

If you prefer to watch videos in bite-sized episodes, check out my GNM Digestible Morsels Series. starting with Episode ONE

If you would like a different approach, and watch an indepth interview where a lot of common questions are addressed, check out the show we did on Richplanet TV

If you want to read how to see natural health from the perspective of GNM you may wish to read my book!

After having an introduction to GNM, my GNM Case Studies will help you to see how it plays out in real life and further your understanding!

Further Study

Below are the 2 best sources of learning I have come across. Both offer in depth DVD courses on Dr Hamer work:

Dr Caroline Markolin's GNM resources website: www.learninggnm.com

Helmut Pilhar GHK website: www.germanische-heilkunde.at

Official publishing of Dr Hamer's resources: www.amici-di-dirk.com

Addressing some politics and controversy around Dr Hamer's work and what it is called: GNM or GHK, the Biological Laws are the Fundamental Truth

Love this post so much!

I would encourage anyone and everyone to make efforts to understand GNM and it's principles. 

Even someone like me who's been rattling around in alternative health for a time that can now be counted in decades, it blew my mind and started putting things in to new context and new understanding. 

We get so fixed in our minds and own experiences sometimes, a good shake up of our viewpoint can only be a good thing so we continue to evolve and get better at being human!

It certainly does shake things up, I'd say turns everything upside down  ;D

Please feel free to ask any questions in here, I' be happy to answer them or point you to somewhere that can  :)