Are there any vegans out there and can you recommend any good diet plans? I've been sticking to a vegan diet for about a month now and to be honest, it's a bit of a struggle plus I'm not really enjoying eating anymore. I miss the sense of satisfaction that meat tended to give..... is this normal?

greetings, well it all depends on how you have approached it, what have you replaced your meat with etc. I've just been informed that apparently my partner and i live a near enough vegan diet [which i found a shock lol -'ve just been approaching my diet in the sense of eating what is beneficial for my functioning and avoided like the plague what causes problems; down to the point of not wanting to eat another stake (however appealing) till i know the little (probably furry) animal would have lived a healthy and happy existence under my care]
Juicing is a good way to go for multiple reasons, believe me when i say i was a sarcastic skeptic, and juicing has done nothing for sarcasm but it is excellent otherwise ;)

Well done on becoming vegan-you are now going to be healthier, save lives of animals bred and stolen for profit and help stop desctruction of the planet since animal farming is the main cause of this. The 'Life at its best' series by walter veith-part 5 gives ideas about what to eat and make for yourself. Quinoa and amaranth contain all essential amino acids and are filling. The meat substitutes, eg sietan, taste ok but i try to stay away from any processed food tbh and grow my own fruit and veg (without much effort using the back to eden documentary method which is no dig-see l2survive on you tube).  Those who think its ok to eat meat/dairy if the animal has had a good life are fooling themselves-how can any man want freedom from slavery when he funds the enslavement and death of other species-karma? (see Gary Yourofsky best speech ever).  Never doubt your decision my friend, those who eat corpses and products from them are destined to fill the doctors surgery/NHS with new customers! For a complete picture of what we all should be aiming for i recommend The Ringing Cedars series of books (free on the net). Thank you for TAKING ACTION and not just spouting words, you have already made a difference!