THE ART OF DECEPTION AS PRACTICED BY THE BBC'S PORTRAYAL OF THE NHS. (Interesting use of chequer board floor...)

QuoteStaged reality of the medical cartel

by Jon Rappoport

August 23, 2014

"The suffering of people is all too real, but predators lay a grid of fake reality over it, and make billions of dollars—while they simultaneously avoid paying out billions of dollars as a result of law suits." (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

"Muhammad Ali has 'Parkinsonism?' Nonsense. He has 'Hit Too Many Times by Joe Frazier Damage.' This isn't a disease or a disorder." (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Let's say there are a lot of people who take hammers and hit children over the head with them.

The connection between the hammer blows and the damage couldn't be more obvious. Hammer-blow; skull; damage.

But now, researchers and pharmaceutical companies come up with an idea: "Let's take this trend and create, cook up, invent, fabricate a new mental disorder—let's name it Regressive Disorientation Disorder. RDD."

And so they do.

They define it by listing symptoms: disorientation lasting more than three months; speech difficulty; inattention; memory loss; diminishment of motor skills.

Is there a test that defines RDD? Of course not. How could there be? Blood test, urine test, brain scan, genetic assay? No. No test will actually define RDD.

Because RDD doesn't exist.

Damage exists.

The only definition of RDD is the cooked-up symptoms.

But...these symptoms create a wide net. People who've been in auto accidents, who've fallen from buildings, who've gotten hurt playing football, who've boxed—all these people show "the symptoms of RDD."

Now, some independent researcher comes along and says, "I've found out that a lot of the children who are being diagnosed with RDD were actually hit over the head with hammers."

That's all he says. Simple.

This causes a firestorm. Why? Because pharmaceutical companies are selling drugs to treat RDD and they're working on a vaccine to prevent it. They've got a fantastic money-making scheme going.

The researchers, who invented the label RDD, don't want to admit that people hitting kids over the head with hammers is what they're really pontificating about.

So the researchers carry out a study using 2000 kids who fit the list of "RDD symptoms."

And lo and behold, they find some kids who were never hit over the head with hammers.

Well, naturally, they would. They had set up the loose criteria for diagnosis of (non-existent) RDD in the first place. That wide net dragged in kids who were hurt playing football, who were in car crashes, and so on.

And then the researchers say: "See? We told you so. Hammers hitting kids on the head isn't the cause of RDD. Because many kids with RDD never got hit on the head with a hammer. Case closed."

The researchers don't stop there. They go on to say: "RDD is one mental disorder. One distinct disorder. It must have one cause. One disorder, one cause. We don't know what that cause is yet, but we're working on it. We're making progress. We need more money. We've found some very interesting genetic factors..."

Meanwhile, back in reality: hammer hits child on the head. Damage.

Or: vaccine injected into child. Fever, screaming, withdrawal from the world. Everything changes drastically and tragically for the child. Damage.

The Matrix Revealed

But when a parent goes to the federal compensation bureaucrats—because she isn't allowed to sue the vaccine manufacturer directly—and puts in a request for money, so she can take care of her child for the rest of his life...

And if she boldly and truthfully says, "My boy was damaged by a vaccine"...

She gets this—watch carefully, this is the shell game: "Well, Mrs. Smith, it's not enough to say your son was damaged by a vaccine. No, no, no, no. You must prove that he contracted a disorder or a disease with a recognized official label. Then we can decide whether the vaccine did, or could, cause such a disorder."


Welcome to the labyrinth.

"My son was hit on the head with a hammer and damaged."

"Well, Mrs. Smith, that's not enough. You have to prove your boy has a recognized disorder or disease with a certified label—and then we will turn around and decide whether that disorder was caused or could be caused by a hammer."

"Look," the desperate mother says. "Just give me a label for an official disorder. Some label you agree can be caused by a hammer on the head, and I'll find a doctor who will diagnose my child with it."

"Oh, I'm sorry. That would be fraud. You have to keep guessing what we'll do and hope you guess right..."

This process is called government justice, fairness, concern, and science.
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