QuoteWill the people ever wake up?

So, once again, another 'attack' is carried out by what the official narrative (and it is just that, a 'storyline') terms a 'lone' individual who was known to the security services (Mi5 et al).

The date was 22 May, 2017 and, purportedly, there were 22 victims. Notice the number 22, it's a recurring digit.

As a consequence, armed troops are deployed alongside armed cops across the streets of Britain. These men with guns are largely stationed outside Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and Parliament.

In a display of pure idiocy, we have mainstream images of the people actually embracing these moves:

Theresa May has thus used this occurrence in Manchester, along with the 22 March 'incident' and the alleged murder of MP, Jo Cox, as justification for partial martial law and as a fuel to the electioneering slogan of her political party. [...] continued at http://roguemale.org/2017/06/01/manchester-bombing-collection-anomalies/
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