EPISODE NOTES: engineered mass immigration into British Isles, 'socialist' indoctrination, false paradigms of left-right, UKIP, ancient British history, a thread woven into a quilt, heartfelt affinity with the land, woven into one's dna, how Nationhood remains, above all a spiritual connection, is an ex-banker, why trust Nigel Farage, who would regard an indigenous man of these lands as an enemy? Why would agencies of the state act to cause RM loss and harm that amounts to attempted GENOCIDE?, the enemy is anyone who wants to kill the indigenous Europeans, anyone who wants to kill you off is your enemy. That is the bottom line, traitors are those are perpetrating genocide against one, why would the system be seeking to eradicate the indigenous man?, any judge who rules an indigenous man should be evicted is that man's enemy because his void order could kill you, making a man homeless over a debt that can never be validated is an act of genocide, Grand Juries are the solution, an easily manipulated population is desired by the State, furore over the culling of badgers but what about the genocidal cull of mankind?[...]

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