"Wed, Sep 11: World Freeman Society Director Robert Menard talks about what his group stands for and how it plans to proceed with "spiritual libertarianism" ideals."



If you would like to find out more about what the World Freeman Society stands for and would like to join in in the many discussions on the forums, please follow this link and create an account for free. There are discussions covering every aspect of life from all 4 corners of the globe. Australian, America, Canadian, British, European, South Africa, New Zealand and many more. Download a free copy of Rob's Very Cunning Plan at the bottom of this article.

Find out what we really stand for, and not what the Government would like to call us. Learn the difference between law and legislation, something the government fails to remind themselves of, that all legislation requires "consent of the governed".

Learn why we say we are Pro Good Government and why the Government calls us Anti-Government & The FBI, and other Intelligence Agencies call us Domestic Terrorists as well as what the Law Society BC has to say about the Freeman-on-the-land movement.


Discover who you are and what you are and the difference between You and a Person.

There are 1000?s of topics from all over the world discussing the various laws and legislations that hinder everyday people constantly but seem to let corporations run a mock. Read about the success stories we have had and the failures. Find out how some of us have turned those failures into wins by revealing the tricks that were used to cheat you.

The World Freeman Society and it's many members across the World invite You the Public to join us in discussion to make this World we all share a more just and free society.
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Download Rob's Very Cunning Plan, a Freeman Society Canada which the World Freeman Society has based much of it's mandate on. Find out what we believe in and why the government finds this kind of free thinking a threat.

Read up on the many stories that are circulating around the forums and elsewhere that are uncovering the corruption within the establishment and find out how you can help stop the ever growing corporations around us that are dictating the way we live and stealing the resources we need to live. This is in the form of privatisation and government corporate projects that do not benefit the general public but only those with fat wallets. Discover that you are bot alone and that there are many people working together lawfully to find remedy within this tangled web they call justice.

The World Freeman Society stands united with their bothers and sisters around the globe, peacefully and lawfully determining for themselves a future that is fair and just for anyone who wishes to participate. We are performing a duty by exercising our right to self determination by rescinding our consent to be governed by a government/corporate entity that does not represent any people but the ones in high finance. These are not 'our' governments but the governments of the Crown and wealthy. A democracy is a government by the whole, not just a 'few' very rich and over represented people. "By Consent of the Governed" means exactly that. By Consent, and when we do not consent then what? Everyone has every right to question and deny consent if they are not happy with they way things are. Simple, as sex without it is not sex, so therefore government without consent is also not government, is it? In a Free & Democratic Society everyone is 'free' to either participate, or not. If there are a dozen people in a room and 8 of them suggest they go out and kick a football around, do the other 4 have to play too? Of course not. So if a Democratic Society with a Democratic Government says lets raise tax and bomb the poor, should there not be a mandate where by the people decide? Is not a Democracy a government by the whole?
The power derives from the people. It is "the people" the government are supposed to represent. In most countries we enjoy for a better word a 'Representative form of Government' where we have a Politicians and Ministers who represent the will of the people.

This is however a fallacy and by the mere form of having a representative, or 3rd party interpreting your needs displaces You from the actual function of government and the running of your country. How can this be a democracy when we have been removed from every aspect of decision making other than voting once in a while, which we all know if it made a difference you would have made it illegal.

The most blatantly obvious thing the Freeman Movement and their many branches thereof is the fact that all forms of representation requires 'consent', that word you seem to be so frightened of. Consent of the Governed and oddly enough in the Commonwealth is also Police by Consent, something our Public Servants also do not like to be reminded of. Unfortunately places like the USSR, USA and China have Police by Force however the USA is still a Common Law Jurisdiction so there is still hope for the Land of the Free.

We are not a threat to the public, in any country. We are the public in any country, normal people of various professions, young and old, mothers, fathers, people like you and me. We have taken an interest in the words you call law, the words you use to gain power and the words you use to enforce it. We have discovered these words only apply to certain "persons" and that we are not persons but people, living beings. We are informing people that your language, the word speak of legalese is not English but the words of tyrants and liars, something people are waking up to on a very large scale, your false promises and double talk.

The World Freeman Society is an International College of people coming together to learn, inform themselves, help others find remedy and find remedy for themselves. We are a non profit organisation, have no affiliation with any government or agency of, and are a manifestation of all the bad decisions governments have made in the past decades or more. That is why we are here, to try to make sense of all of this. The Internet has opened a new door to information and the sharing of it, and now the truth is being set free on the many millions of websites around the World.

Look what happens to those who speak of freedom of information. The Government throws away the key, or hunts them down like dogs. This is not an enlightened way of life or any form of government we would be represented by or even consent to be represented by. Where cover-ups and media hoaxed lies are spread, bailouts that will cost our grandchildren their livelihoods whilst banks record the highest profits ever and pay themselves bonus's at the cost of your repossessed house. Is this what you consent to? Countries are being bombed faster than the news can keep up, and the ficticious 'rebels' that pop up everywhere are becoming a bore.

We all know who is behind it all, 'All Wars are Bankers Wars' and the only countries now being bombed, Syria for example doesn't have a Rothschild Reserve Bank like everyone else in the world. Fancy that?

Education and Knowledge is Power. We invite you to join us in the sharing of this knowledge and help empower others to 'stand up to the man'
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