QuoteHave you been persecuted by a state-sanctioned extortion agency?

Have you been subject to an unlawful eviction?

Has an agency of 'government' ridden roughshod over your common law rights?

Have you experienced any form of tyranny perpetrated by individuals working for a bank?

Have you been subject to unlawful action(s) by a man acting as a constable?

Are you a survivor of state-sanctioned banking fraud?

Have you experienced a grievous denial of due process of the law?

Has a Judge in a Court refused to provide you with lawful redress?

Have you been subject to an unlawful fine or forfeiture unlawfully issued by a private corporation that has not been through the court system?

If so, read on for the remedy is at hand and it lies not in those institutions and/or individuals that have wronged you.

This article is an attempt to outline an overview in the form of a step-by-step guide of how this might be possible: it is not to be taken as a definitive guide but as an overview that may be of assistance to those who wish to establish a Grand Jury in their part of these Isles.

Rather, as has always been the case, it lies the hearts and minds of the islanders of Britain...

On equally solid grounds of evidence, the social state of Britain has been described as from its first settlement by Hu the Mighty, that of a civilized and polished community. Had no other monument of Kymric antiquity but the Code of British Laws of Molmutius (B.C. 600), which still forms the basis of our common or unwritten law, descended to us, we could not doubt that we were handling the index of civilization of a very high order. In such a code we possess not only the most splendid relic of pre-Roman Europe, but the key to all our British, as contra-distinguished from – Continental institutions. source READ MORE: http://roguemale.org/2014/10/23/grand-juries-back-change-things/
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