Given her treacherous 'reign' has seen a succession of moves to invest power in a foreign government over the peoples of these ill-gotten lands, quite how and why 'Elizabeth' the woman acting as Queen of the 'United Kingdom' feels she is well placed to offer advice to the Scottish people on how they should vote is remarkable for its brassneck.

By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent

4:22PM BST 14 Sep 2014

The Queen has made a dramatic and highly unusual intervention in the referendum debate to urge voters to think "very carefully" before they vote on Thursday.

The comment, to members of the public waiting outside Crathie Church, appeared to be a deliberate move on her part.

She normally walks in and out of the small church from her car, while on holiday at nearby Balmoral Castle, without talking to bystanders.

But before she left the kirk on Sunday, a police sergeant invited members of the press waiting 200 yards away to come up to the church to see the royal party depart.

The Queen was photographed saying something to a small group of three four Scots, and a similar number of English visitors, in the crowd.

She is understood to have remarked that "you have an important vote on Thursday", before adding: "I hope everybody thinks very carefully about the referendum this week". [...]

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List of Traitors to the United Kingdom

Since 1972 six European Union treaties have been signed abolishing our nation. As this is illegal under the British Constitution, our nation has been undermined in this and many other ways. The EU is succeeding exclusively through subversion by traitors from inside the UK.

The EU has the laws of a police state, and a constitution that hands absolute power to unelected dictators; it specifically hands all military power (and that includes the nuclear weapons of Britain and France,) to these dictators. It is the Soviet system, and creates a sham EU parliament with no power; it will abolish the nations of Great Britain and England.

The list of traitors according to the severity of their crime.

1.  HM the Queen.             Committed six acts of treason signing EU treaties that abolish our nation. She is the only monarch to have broken her Coronation oath. Failed as the ultimate check and balance, failed to insist on a national ballot for the abolition of our nation.[...]

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