QuoteFew would argue that we live in difficult times, that Mankind's current state of affairs remains unsatisfactory. Mankind is labouring under a chronic engineered state of learned helplessness and futility abounds. This state provides the ideal breeding ground for the Alpha Male to dominate.  Politicians, pulpit-prosletisers and power-players of all hues are acutely aware of this splinter in the mind of man and use it to their advantage. Think of how Putin is presented and one will see how this archetype is played upon ~ 'Man needs a leader'; 'the state needs a father figure to come in and take control, to placate the troubled masses and protect them from their enemies'. That is how it is presented to the masses and it works every time simply because it is tapping directly into that false insecurity, a psycho-dependency that has been deliberately engineered. It works on a religious level too, of course ... oh boy does it work on that level...

It is clear that mothers and fathers are important to the nurturance of the Man in his infancy. In a society where the family has been deliberately eroded by the psychopathic control systems which have served to bring discord to the natural harmonic resonance of the sacred masculine and female energies, generations have grown up with an absent father and/or an emotionally immature mother.

And into this breach step certain figures of the 'alternative scene', who offer freedom from tyranny, remedy for oppression and answers for cash. It is now clear to RM, at least, that men  like 'dean', 'karl' and 'winston' exploit this psychological and emotional dependency on a father figure. Whether they do this knowingly or not, the effects are the same: disempowerment of the individual.

How does it work?

Authority puts a squeeze on the individual ...usually by means of  financial or 'legal' devices.

He feels oppressed because he is being oppressed. A weight is on his shoulders. He cannot see the wood for the trees. And then, along comes a 'daddy' figure who tells him he has the answer to his perceived difficulties. He feels reassured: 'Thank feck! Here's someone who can alleviate my discomfort ~ a big, strong man who will lift the weight from me'.

Whether knowingly or otherwise, karl and winston are two men who fullfill the big daddy archetype... it is as plain as the nose on my face.. money talks and with these three, it walks... the tendency for people to seek a saviour, the one who will lead them to the promised land is a stubborn meme ~  a mind-programme that takes Man's associations with father-figures and exploits it, knowing that many have an emotional attachment to such from their childhoods...

The father figure comes along and offers you hope. He shows you a way out. Just do what he tells you, use these words, fill in the application forms thus and all will be fine.

So far, so good.

But here's the kicker: he is not in fact helping any individual deal with their own shit. The hope is fleeting [think of the phoney, barry obama]. It is an offer that is illusory as it will provide only momentary relief. It is built upon the falsity of an artificially created dependency.

The 3 named individuals, whether they admit or not, are proponents of this meme and use it for their own advantage. i do not state this lightly having experienced the company of both men and having heard first-hand accounts of them taking moneys from needy and vulnerable people.

Note : we are not suggesting that they do not have valid information that others can use. They have. Thing is it has to be paid for.

It is also a structure built on shifting quicksands of fraud: they are misrepresenting the truth of the matter which is:

Only the individual has a true understanding of his own circumstances.

Life is unique to each of us. There is no 'one size fits all' remedy.

The power lies with the individual.

Anyone seeking a 'leader' is, regrettably, drowning in the erroneous view that the solutions to their shit lie outside themselves.

The sub-conscious [or deliberate] presentation of the father figure is not going to help the individual in his quest for freedom from control; rather it will only serve to inhibit his development.

The end result of any dependency on these father figures who step in and offer the silver bullet remedy is all-too-predictable: unhealthy dependency, financial loss and personal disempowerment.

Conclusion: no one other than the individual is going to resolve his problems. Unscrupulous father figures, knowingly or otherwise, exploit the artificially-constructed vulnerability of those whose lives have been manipulated by the consequences of the attempt to demolish the family and the individual's place therein.

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