Hi Everyone,

firstly, a big thank you once again for all those who attended and/or supported the historic meeting on saturday at which the Trust Declaration of the Universal Community of Self-Realization was declared into existence and the subsequently expressed Universal Community of Self Realization Trust  came into being too. The term 'historic' will become more apparent as the whole thing grows in accord with the wishes, hopes and actions of the sovereign trustees, each of whom is to find ONE HUNDRED fellow sovereigns who will individually express the reasons why they wish to be trustees and who are ready and able to pledge their sweat equity (skills, work, output, energy) to the tune of the £25, 000 Promissory Note that each will draw up on successfully joining the Trust. These promissory notes, will be deposited in the holding Trust which will pay them into a special trust deposit account thereby creating the line of credit to be used in the purchase of land, materials and anything else the Trustees require.  There will be more on this to follow - in the meantime, keep an eye on ThinkFree.org.uk and FreeThePlanet.net  for further developments and information - there will, in good time, be a dedicated thread on ThinkFree to which all interested sovereigns can post any questions or thoughts they may have. These are exciting times and this represents an opportunity for all to become part of a community in which they have a real connection and to which they pledge their creativity - and its growth will be commensurate with the aspirations, plans and hopes of all those who join. Beautiful,eh?

Secondly, the convoluted and at times tortuous mortgage adventure continues. Tomorrow, at 1000, in Court Room 5 at Nottingham Magistrates' Court there is to be a hearing - the Order of Judge Inglis states:

"Upon considering the papers and upon the claimant's solicitor having referred to the fact that that no specific date for possession was identified in the order of 26 August 2009 and upon the bailiffs having attempted unsuccessfully on 2 occasions to take possession of the premises in execution of a warrant for possession

1. The case will be listed for further consideration of enforcement of the order for possession (including whether an order about a specific date is required or desirable, and including whether a penal notice is required or desirable)
2. The hearing will take place on Wednesday 14 July at 1000 before his Honour Judge Inglis, sitting at SNottingham Magistrates' Court with a time estimate of 1 hour.
3. Notice of the hearing must be given to the defendant

Observations. The Claimant must be prepared at the hearing to assist the court by reference to authority and statutory provisions, both as to enforcement of the order and as to whether an order relating to a specific date is required."

Remember, this is regarded as an unlawful possession order for I am claiming that the alleged debt has been discharged pursuant to the tender of payment in the form of a Promissory Note delivered on the CEO of the Badfume and Burgle Bank PLC on 27th April. Under the bills of exchange act 1882, the debt has been discharged.

An appeal has been sent via Special Delivery to the Court of Appeal - in accord with the Courts' instructions, I have now twice sought permission to appeal and twice this has been denied in SNottingham. It is expected that the Court of Appeal now steps in to take jurisdiction.

However, the hearing tomorrow may well will be another attempt to railroad me which will grant the bank just what it is seeking - a grab and run on my and Remi's home, Sovereign Place. Therefore, I'm asking anyone who is available to come along tomorrow and sit in the public gallery before we enter. Once again, please come ready to make a record of all that you see and hear - your presence is always warmly appreciated and now is the time to shine some light into the misty realms of a judicial system which, at least in the lower courts, continues to rule in favour of the banks in spite of all available evidence that proves their fraudulent machinations.

Kindly reply to confirm your attendance or, indeed, to offer your best wishes and positive vibrations.

Unconditional love to all


shon u
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