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At 11am, on Sunday, 18th March, 2018, at the Canal House, there will be a gathering of the New Chartists in Nottingham but what is the New Chartist Movement and why should one support it?

Its aims are refreshingly clear:

"Today, as the New Chartists – the 'Chartist' part now refers to the 1215 Great Charter (Magna Carta) – we, too, have a list of six Requirements and because we are exposing proven and current High Treason and appalling financial fraud within Parliament, the Judiciary and the City of London – not to mention the small matter that we also represent 99% of the people – we will not be overcome or dispersed until the job is done.  We are going nowhere until all the injustice, hardship and suffering stops!"
This organisation has the following six "Requirements"... 
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