QuoteMake no mistake, when a small group of determined individuals stand up to tyranny, there is an effect.

8 years ago, I took on the might of the Rothschild Banking Monopoly by making a counter claim in Nottingham County Court against the Bradford and Bingley who had begun false possession proceedings against my home of 15 years:

That counter claim was grounded on 4 basic principles:

1.There was no valid contract, signed by all parties.

2. The bank could not prove a loan had taken place and that I had not funded the purchase via the 'promise to pay', made by way of the (void) mortgage deed.

3. There was no full disclosure at the time of the alleged agreement as to how the alleged 'loan' was created.

4. There was no consideration from the bank; which voided the purported agreement.

Each of the above elements form the basis of the multi-levelled  Great British Mortgage Swindle. The battle for my home raged on for some 16 months and was falsely termed by Richard Inglis, the then circuit judge at Nottingham,  as "scandalous", when the real scandal is the very existence of The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

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