Independence & Grand Juries: If Not Now, When?



The Calendar year has kicked off with the country being battered by a relentless series of meteorological storms, which has left many parts of the South Western lands under water. These storms are also reflected in the geo-political realms where the bogus 'Government' continues to unleash more and more programmes which are ultimately designed to kill off huge swathes of the population. Tyranny and injustice continue to reign in Her Maj's Courts which, on a daily basis, issue thousands of void possession orders against people who, as a matter of accounting fact, were loaned nothing in the first place.

Genocide is the ultimate aim of these psychopathic manipulators who regard the people, through the feudal system of oppression, as nothing more than a proletarian mass of peasants upon whom the controllers and their dogs (the police, bailiffs and malevolent 'legal' professions) falsely believe they have the right to oppress via their fake 'laws' and criminal use of violence.

This genocide comes in a variety of forms, such as [without limitation]:

1. The long-term implementation of a geo-engineering policy which authorises the spraying of trillions of tonnes of toxic chemicals into the air, including high quantities of barium, strontium and aluminium, causing physical and mental sickness, infertility and fatal disease.

2. The long-term implementation of a health policy which authorises the poisoning of the people with hundreds of toxic chemicals, by and through vaccinations, the fluoridation of the water supply and the hydraulic fracturing of the Earth, causing physical and mental sickness, infertility and fatal disease.

3. The long-term implementation of an environmental policy which orders people to allow the poisoning of our atmosphere, oceans and rivers with the the radioactive waste of the nuclear power industry, causing physical and mental sickness, infertility and fatal disease.

4. The long-term implementation of a public planning policy which orders people to ignore the irrefutable evidence that physical and mental sickness, fatal disease, infertility and miscarriages of pregnancy are caused by surrounding people with radiation from Wi-fi connections and mobile phone masts.

5. The long-term implementation of a judicial policy which has ordered that hundreds of thousands of people be unlawfully evicted from their homes over void mortgage claims by the banks, the officers of which have been consistently protected from the consequences of their institutionalised crimes of fraud and embezzlement, by a coterie of self-interested county and high court judges, almost every one of whom has previously acted criminally as a professional participant in the mortgage scam whilst working as a conveyancing solicitor.

6. The long-term implementation of a legislative policy which has sought to legitimise by parliamentary enactment the theft of the lands and resources of the islands of Britain from its people, whose birthrights have been stripped from them by successive tyrannical governments.

7. The long-term implementation of a constitutional policy which is seeking to unlawfully cede the sovereignty of the people of the islands of Britain to a European Super-state, controlled by unelected and unaccountable tyrants unknown, whose ends necessitate the assassination of the independent nation state.

8. The long-term implementation of a foreign policy which has dictated the actions which have led to the deaths of millions of innocent men, women and children in India, China, right across the continents of Europe and Africa, to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria [without limitation].

9, The long-term implementation of a social services policy which has directly resulted in the abduction, torture, injury, abuse and death of many thousands of children who were taken into the custody of the state.

10. The long-term implementation of a welfare policy which has sought to inflict deprivation, hardship and poverty on sick, disabled, and vulnerable people, and has directly resulted in the suffering and death of thousands of sick, disabled and vulnerable people, by withdrawing or withholding benefit payments and their only means of survival.

Therefore, it is our contention that public declarations of the independence and sovereignty of the indigenous peoples of Britain in every community on these shores must be made at the earliest opportunity, along with the formal nullification of EU membership, in an international treaty affirming the 12 aims and objectives listed here.

With all this in mind, Grand Juries must be formed across these lands, in order that the people can begin to implement self-helping systems of real justice and bring those responsible for crimes of genocide to answer the allegations made against them. After all, if a justice system fails to provide remedy for the people, then it is not fit for purpose. This is a fact acknowledged by none other than the former Master of the Rolls:

"Whoever may be guilty of abuse of power, be it Government, State, Employer, Trade Union or whoever, the law must provide a speedy remedy. Otherwise the victims will find their own remedy."

Alfred Thompson "Tom" Denning, 23 January 1899 – 5 March 1999.

Therefore, on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February 2014, at public meetings in the places known as Coventry and Nottingham, Michael O'Bernicia and Michael O'Elmet will be presenting The Case for Independence and the Formation of Grand Juries, with the aims of providing the overview of the issues we must face as a matter of urgency: the imperative of individual sovereignty and national independence; the galvanisation of our collective energies into a ground plan for the peoples of every community to begin building their own support networks; and the initiation of a Grand Jury in every place that is awash with the criminality of the officers, agents and executives of Her Majesty's Government.

All those who concur with the above referenced Aims & Objectives are cordially invited to attend one of these events. The venues will be centrally located in each city and the details will be announced nearer the time to all who wish to attend. Please confirm your attendance and book your place by filling out the contact form below, making sure you clearly state which event you would like to attend in the subject heading.

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Can those who are attending please let us know if you would like the Sunday Roast dinner after the meeting. We have negotiated a price of £4.90 per meal. Vegetarian options will be available at the bar.

Please note: meal may differ from appearance in image which is only being used for illustrative and inducement purposes.

Thank you.

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Quote from: gary . . . on February 13, 2014, 01:32:10 AM
will be coming on sunday  . . . ty

Me too along with two other Trustees from Wulfie Trust, Mark and Diana so please add us to the mix I have emailed you young M'O'E :D. Please let us know we are welcome.


Cheers, G... email confirmation sent  ;)
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Hi, all...

we have extended the offer on the roast dinner ~ please reply by 1900 this evening (saturday, 15 Feb)
if you wish to join us after the meeting.

Also, please note the venue address will be sent out via email to all those who have confirmed they will be attending.

We look forward to joining you on Sunday, 14-1800hrs.

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hello, trying to get venue location for tomorrow ? Jan from Lincoln.