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AN INVITATION FOR Friday 12 July 2013 @ 1930hrs.

Salutations to One and All,

QuoteIt's been a while since I sent out one of these newsletters and for that, please accept my apologies.

For those who have been following via ThinkFree, you will be aware of the continued growth of the Universal Community Trust, which was declared into existence in Nottingham on 10 July 2010.

Our local Sovereign Community Trust is the CORIELTAUVI COMMUNITY TRUST, which was declared on 20 June 2012.

What this effectively means is that we have, here in Nottingham, our own Sovereign Nation, the Trustees and Beneficiaries of which are under the jurisdiction of Natural Law. For those who are fed up to the back teeth of the lies and distortions of the UK PLC, who are seeking to protect their assets from the clutches of the Robber Baron Banksters (aka the Rothschild foundation), the Controlled Government, the corrupt judiciary, the criminal cops and all the lying liars who support what 1 may refer to as the 'system', then this, I have no doubt, will resonate with you.

The details of how to create your Private/Family Trust are here and in the document section of the UCT website, in the links below. A close reading will lead you to the understanding that this establishes the first layer of protection for the property ~ when it is all in trust, for the benefit of others, then it cannot be touched by any outside agency who may have or be making a claim against you.

Many of you will remember the weekly meet ups we used to run in Nottingham on a Saturday down at Station Street ~ due to personal circumstances, these fell away. We are now going to reconvene them, under the CORIELTAUVI COMMUNITY TRUST which will mean that they will be run regularly, under Trust, as private meetings, invitation only and not open to the public. This is not intended to preclude anyone, it simply means that all who attend do so under the agreement that the content of the forum is private.

To get this rolling I am giving an evening's presentation in Nottingham on Friday 12 July, from 1930 to 2300. The title will be 'Jumping Ship ~ Community Based Solutions for Sovereignty' and will cover the following. It will be a donation-based event, please give what you can in accord with your personal circumstances and what you think the information deserves on the night.


1.The Citizen trap ~ whose subject is 1?
2. Self determination ~ the right to exile
3. Adhesion contracts ~ the hooks
4. Achieving immunity
5. Jumping ship
6. Diplomatic ID, passports
7. Dispute resolution
8. Monetary solutions ~ the ancient system of pledging
9. Community Depositories - lines of credit
10. The Land ~ returning it to the people
11. Taking the power back: creating private/family trusts and Community Trusts

This section will be an opportunity to actually go through the process of creating trusts.  If you wish to do this, then please visit http://www.universalcommunitytrust.net/index.html You may wish to complete the documents in advance and bring them to the session for witnessing.

LINKS: All are encouraged to explore the following links and resources in advance of the presentation.


How To Fill In The Family Trust Deeds To Become A Beneficiary Of The UCT http://thinkfree.org.uk/forum/index.php?topic=2170.0

Critical Thinking With Michael of Elmet - a podcast in two parts


Remedy radio with David Williams of 'Matrix Solutions' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaration_on_the_Rights_of_Indigenous_Peoples

Anyone wishing to attend should book their place by replying by email to VCT@thinkfree.org.uk. The venue will be disclosed to you upon confirmation. If you are able to help in any way with the organisation, please contact me ~ a projector and PA may be required.

In the meantime, may I take this opportunity to send you my warm regards and say how much I am looking forward to meeting you at the event.


Michael of Elmet
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Hi Tomm, please send your email to vct@thinkfree.org.uk ~ it's a private meeting so it has to be arranged privately. We trust this clears things up  ;)
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Hi All,

please accept my apologies for the late notice, but we are meeting this evening, at 1930, friday 16 August in Nottingham. Please confirm your attendance by email to VCT@thinkfree.org.uk and you will be sent details of the location.

CCT Meeting Friday 16 August

QuoteSalutations to one and all,

This is open invitation to all beneficiaries and any who are interested in becoming beneficiaries to the Corieltauvi Sovereign Community Trust.

TIME: 1930 til late ~ the venue will be revealed upon reply to the email


1. A short presentation on Mortgage Fraud and remedy.
2. Eviction Task Force ~ to be set up for all who are facing eviction whether it be over 'bedroom tax', rent arrears or mortgage fraud.
3. Organisation of teams through the Liberty Bell system.
4. Potential picketing of courts and bailiffs
5. A proposal for a physical base from where we can operate as a Community Trust
6. Potential solutions to issues people are dealing with.
7. Creating a website for the above and using encrypted software for private communications
8. Agenda 21 and the theft of the land and resources from the people.
9. The establishment of regular trust meetings
10. Any other issues people wish to raise.
Donations will be gratefully received on the night.
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