Saturday, 9 February ~ 1100 til 1700 @

"Self-determination & Jumping the Citizen Ship: community solutions through Trust"

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe?

A presentation and workshop by The Freeman-on-the-Land, commonly known as Michael of Elmet, founder trustee of Universal Community of Self-Realisation (UCT) and Grantor Trustee of the Corieltauvi Community Trust in Nottingham.

The presentation will incorporate a workshop on the creation of private/family trusts and local community trusts.


Please note: this is a private event... if you wish to attend then please email confirming your attendance and the number of places required.

Donations will be gratefully received on the day ~ please give what you can afford.

Refreshments will be available at the venue.



The Citizen trap ~ whose subject is 1?
Self determination ~ the right to exile
Adhesion contracts ~ the hooks
Achieving immunity
Jumping ship
Diplomatic ID, passports
Dispute resolution
Monetary solutions ~ the ancient system of pledging
Community Depositories - lines of credit
The Land ~ returning it to the people


11. Workshop ~ taking the power: creating private/family trusts and Community Trusts

This section will be an opportunity to actually go through the process of creating trusts.  If you wish to do this, then please visit . You may wish to complete the documents in advance and bring them to the session for witnessing.

LINKS: All are encouraged to explore the following links and resources in advance of the presentation.
How To Fill In The Family Trust Deeds To Become A Beneficiary Of The UCT
Critical Thinking With Michael of Elmet - a podcast in two parts Remedy radio with David Williams of 'Matrix Solutions'


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