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Ceremony, Healing and The End of A World Age
ancient races, polar shift and reconnection to the heart of all
Saturday 17th November, 10.00 am
presented by nickm

An Introduction to Sacred Geometry
an illustrated introduction to the principles of growth and form
Saturday 17th November, 2.30 pm
presented by nickm

Ceremony of Original Innocence
the reconnection of human biocircuitry through coded ceremony
Sunday 18th November 9.30 for 10 am until 5.30 pm

The Ceremony of Original Innocence is simply a beautiful way to a new
beginning, just as the first of many drops of rain began the oceans.
It reconnects 12 circuits of electromagnetic energy
into the human biosystem, permanently.
This revitalises our links with elemental world.
Ceremony is a seed – Plant it!

Stony Stratford Children's Centre,
Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK11 1 JH
for further information visit
or contact Mick on 07931 791 283 or email
for voluntary donations

nickm is an independent researcher with a lifelong interest in ancient cultures, vanished civilisations and old
knowledge. He has been writing, developing and performing his Healing History talks since 2009 and is now
a widely recognised entity with many friends and supporters.
His presentations celebrate the skills of our ancestors and of all those whose activities have led us to the
present moment. Nick aims specifically to enliven the interest of all in the history, mystery and beauty of this,
our particular place in time.
More details can be discovered at www.drrock.
Nick also hosts Dr Rock's Radio Show at every Thursday evening from 1800 2000
mp3s of past shows are at www.tnsradio.drrock.

Nick is one of the founding trustees of the Universal Community Trust.