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Health is a choice! – How to prevent and reverse all chronic dis-eases
Magnus A. L. Mulliner

There's so much abundance out there... you and I have a perfectly designed body, which does its best at optimising our health. In this presentation you'll be taught simple, easy to use techniques, which will EMPOWER you to take control of your whole being... to the degree you want to.
Your body has the intrinsic, innate ability to heal you. You have a physical body that is perfectly designed as a SELF REGULATING & REPAIRING HEALING organism.
HEALING is all about ACCEPTING, ALLOWING and SUPPORTING, NOT fighting and resisting!
Think about this... cutting, poisoning and burning a physical body will weaken and compromise anyone's immune system.
How do you restore your health? What does OPTIMUM HEALTH mean to you?

Using humour Magnus will share with you that resistance is the first act of war and that YOU can and will change your reality by gaining further knowledge and then applying it

At the end of this presentation you'll:

see life from a different point of view
increase your awareness about simple strategies to prevent and reverse all chronic dis-eases including cancer
discover more EMPOWERING tools to stop your 'genes' from expressing chronic dis-eases and making you become a medical statistic
reminders about the two main pathways leading to a dis-ease and the eight main Pathways to Health & Vitality
bolster your immune system and slow down your aging process
overcome mood swings and depression and ultimately improve your whole quality of life, while at the same time create enjoyment and gain optimum vitality
Have fun

30th May 2012  at 8pm Venue: Alley Cafe Bar, Cannon Court, LongRow West, Nottingham NG1 6JE

Starting: 8pm to 11pm
£5 working
£3 non-working
£1.50 students

Please pass these events on to anyone whom you feel may benefit.

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Love, light and delight to all

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