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Nottingham Truth Juice Ten (10) Crop Circles - The Truth & The Lies

A truth seeker since 1997, my path has led me into the fields of ufology, conspiracy, ancient history, spirituality, healing and, of course, the mysterious world of crop circles. My current research has led me to some startling conclusions about what lies behind the phenomenon of the circles and it is not what most mainstream researchers are telling us!

Fully illustrated, with dozens of slides and video clips, the talk for Truth Juice will reveal the truth and the lies behind the world's weirdest mystery. Part 1 looks at all of the most popular theories of who or what is creating the circles and why. It will also feature a new video, which will leave viewers in no doubt about the truth, but far from it being the end of the mystery, it is just the beginning of a new one..... and an altogether more important one for humanity.

Part 2 looks at the bizarre anomalies associated with crop circles, such as balls of light, energy effects and strange synchronicities. It also examines how the subject has been deliberately misrepresented by some of the subject's leading researchers.

What has become clear from my research is that there is a reason why the phenomenon has not faded away and died and it matters not who or what created them. As Colin Andrews points out, "An extraordinary mystery, more intriguing and significant than we ever expected will consolidate itself - an intelligent process of which we are but part will.  Rob Buckle

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9th May 2012 at 8pm Venue: Alley Cafe Bar, Cannon Court, LongRow West, Nottingham NG1 6JE (This venue to be confirmed)

Starting: 8pm to 11pm
£5 working
£3 non-working
£1.50 students

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Truth Juice [11] introduces Magnus A L Mulliner sharing his knowledge on Health 30th may (venue to be confirmed)

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