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Salaam Expression of creative energy,

Think Free is a weekly forum that has been running for nearly three years and where this webpage evolved.  Currently held upstairs in the Bentinck Hotel (station street - opposite Nottingham train station) every Saturday around 2ish, however start time is quite organic but there are usually people around who can help (Zero barber shop - station street). Although several free thinkers will be away this Saturday due to attending a Ceremony in Leicester the forum is running.  Please note that the meeting place may change soon so encouragement is offered for you to  check this page for updates. Saturday Think Free Forum or now known to me as (TFF) is for like minded divine beings and anyone who thinks outside the the box. It can and/or will help and/or support people with challenging experiences, however our knowledge can lead you down where you never thought you would go. We don't claim to no everything and any information is usually from experiences, study, research, each other, and for educational purposes, all information is usually well received. Most importantly you can choose to use what resonates and/or leave the rest. Whatever happens there is amazing high energy present all around there and you can leave feeling the same.  I encourage you to come and join us and/or just be with us.

Please pass this massage on to anyone you feel may benefit

Absolute peace to thee

cureently known as river and/or Tali