'Into the Void'

The FreeMan commonly known as Michael of Elmet will be appearing in Milton Keynes on Saturday 10 March 2012. He previously worked in the fooling system as a teacher of English Language, Literature, Drama, Media Studies and Critical Thinking skills.

With over 20 years experience, his presentation ranges over a variety of subjects and takes the audience on an introduction to the Classical System of learning known as the Trivium (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric) with an insightful overview of some of the issues he's been personally involved in over the last three years... Including ~ without limitation ~
1. The law and judiciary,
2.The ancient rights of the people of Albien,
3. The rhetorical use of logical fallacies, sophistry,  
4. The miseducation system, banking, self realisation and the solutions offered by the Universal Community Trust...

Along with Michael of Bernicia, he is currently involved with heading up a representative action vs the Banksters over the mortgage issue and he'll be applying some critical thinking to this subject too ~ in particular he will unravel the issue of HOW most, if not ALL, British mortgages are VOID for the wanton breaches of our unalienable property rights, statutory regulations and the case law and legal authorities in support...

The presentation will also examine how the reality of the VOID applies to all aspects of our existence ~ on the physical, the cosmic and spiritual plains...

The Trivium simply utilises our inherent intelligence and is the perfect antidote to the miseducation we have all suffered to varying degrees. A taster can be heard here, the first of a two part podcast on this very subject:
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