Calling all divine beings,

Nottingham Truth Juice has invited nickm to share his understanding of Sacred Geometry (the building blocks of the universe and that means everything) on  21st March 2012,

Sacred Geometry - an illustrated introduction to the principles of growth and form. We are each made up of billions of centers of vibrating energy, the distribution of this energy is governed by the same geometries that define the cosmos. This presentation makes use of holograms, illusions, 3d images and exquisite models of geometric form to introduce the shapes that are the basis of manifest creation. There are many geometric models as well as other physical visual This is a roller-coaster ride from the dot to hyperspace no previous experience necessary, nickm  (For more detail see nottingham,, Yogic  Healer Facebook  or check out nicks webiste:

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New venue: Upstairs at Bentinck Hotel, Station Street, City Centre, Nottingham NG2 3AJ and/or Gresham Hotel, 109, Carrington Street, City Centre, Nottingham NG1 7FE ( Both venues are next door to each other and it will be one or the other so please check)

Starting: 8pm to 11pm
£5 working
£3 non-working
£1.50 students

Please pass this on to anyone whom you feel may benefit

Thank you to all the divine beings who have and carry on supporting Nottingham Truth Juice, thanks to the ones who will join us in the future and of course the wonderful speakers we have been fortunate to invite.  It is an honor and a privilege to make a safe space for like minded beings to share, give and receive, enjoy, laugh, chant, listens and all the many things that are created from Truth Juice. I have learnt a huge amount and beginning to know more of what has always been there.

Absolute Peace to all my reflections