Good monday morning enlightened and free thinkers.

Im writing to drum up support for what hopefully should be my final performance in the all theatrical private place of business - LORD CHANCELLORS DEPT. t/a NOTTINGHAM MAGISTRATES.

If you don't have time / cant be arsed to read the body of this mail but still intend on coming to support then please skip to the 'outline of conduct in court' bullet points, below the main body of text, before the attachments.

As most of you know, I have been offered a charge by the company trading as NOTTINGHAM POLICE FORCE - an offer for me to pay them some money. However, through the whole course of interaction with them, I have not consented to the charge, nor have I entered into contract with them - either expressed or implied (written or verbal).

For those who aren't up to date with the unravelling threads of knowledge of the deception of the governance / financial / judicial system, there is now an awareness and method of finding peaceful remedies if you find you have been wronged by such entities, as long as you haven't caused loss or harm to another being or their property.

Ever more, the citizens/ subjects of UNITED KINGDOM continue to sleepwalk into a police state by consenting to the rapidly increasing corruption of the corporation run governance system and their profit motivated franchise entities and agents. But if you, like I, see the urgency and importance of exercising your unalienable rights when they have been breached or when a corporation, agent of, or policy enforcer has transgressed against you or your property, then you will benefit from understanding the methods used by the agents to become an authority over you and consequently legitimately take time and money from you, or even cause physical loss or harm. you need to know how you're consenting to this in order to find your remedy. its sounds complicated but is actually very simple in both principle and practice - law is contracts.

Having said this, even after becoming cognizant of the process and diligent in its practice, the fact still remains that some of the humans employed as servants of the peace and justice will still break the law, that is to say, are corrupt. Understanding the contractual process is cool but it wont stop corruption, oppression, tyranny and brutality, only the light of witnesses who are free from fear can do that, which is why I require your support.

Increasingly, more and more police (peace) constables choose to act as corporate policy enforcers for private corporate entities and revenue collectors as oppose to servants of public integrity, human rights, values, morals and peace. What they need is help though, they have the pressure on. I can imagine a lot of them, like most who work in the supposed public sector have a hard time dealing with the stress from above, performance targets, long hours, and having to deal with so many idiots. This is all adds to the pressure on top of personal tribulations in a collapsing economy and other stuff going on in their lives which ultimately puts them in a state of stress and negativity and leads them away from their oath. I wonder if assessing the state of ones psyche and temperament is part of a police officers initiation?

"I hereby do solemnly and sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all individuals and their traditions and beliefs; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof according to law."

(notice it says "law" and not legislation, statutes, acts, policies or codes)

It's my contention that should an interaction with said agents arise on your journey, that you help them out by remaining in peaceful non-compliance no matter how they behave or whatever they may say to you (unless of cause you've deliberately caused loss or harm, that is to say deliberately broken the law, then that's another story, your not at peace and you need different advise than this). In fact, at peace is the only way to be, with respect to the best intentions for yourself as well as the agent/officer and the resolve.

As the officers could not name a law that I had broken (let alone a statute, act or policy) nor would they admit that they themselves had broken the law, they invented an incident and offered me a charge, to which I have managed to so far politely decline, well in actual fact I formally conditionally accepted the charge. I accepted the charge, on the condition that they could provide proof of their claim along with proof that my counter claims (my version of events) aren't in fact the truth. As it stands, they have accepted my testimony as the truth by way of silent acquiescence and non-rebuttle of an affidavit (a record of sworn testimony of truth in writing, which is actually the most powerful document in law or lore, but thats for another conversation). However, they still remain in an attempt to coerce me into a private contract between myself and said private entity. If they were successful, they would gain authority over me and relieve themselves of commercial liability for their actions (the remedy which I seek), and my unalienable rights would shrink to five rights (as listed by a police officer as he makes an arrest). I will also be subject to a bunch of commercial codes which have absolutely nothing to do with law and justice.

For 6 months now this corporate entity has tried to gain authority over myself, using all sorts of insane methods. In the early days they threatened me with violence, made attempts at intimidation, coercion and deception, stole from me, destroyed my property an so on. They even tried to imply that I am not of a sane mind and attempted to put me through their ridiculous 'psychological assessment process' (the results of which I have attached below) but really all they want is that signature, or a least, those words from my mouth. Name & Date of Birth = Contract, as does following an Order, or saying "Yes" when asked "Do you understand?" - the officers' Legalese tongue is actually saying "Do you give me permission to stand over you, do you stand under me and this authority?" - with this consent, the officer or any other agents of this or any other private commercial venture can now proceed to create a monetary charge attributed to the public bond that is so cleverly titled MR STEPHEN JAMES ALLAN - to which i've just agreed to being the debtor for. There are many more examples and the more you delve into the information, the more a practice becomes clear. I'll add some links for further research at the bottom.

There is no doubt in my mind that if it wasn't for the presence of the public in the spectators gallery, both the police and judges would have moved from attempts to coerce by way of contactual deceptions, into straight out brutality. As i am now aware of the 'game', their attempts of coercion have failed and my attempts at lawful remedy are working. They have broken the law have acted in contravention of their own codes and statues and even admitted corruption on a regular basis the whole way through this process. Their last attempt at coercion was accompanied by the presence of 6 angry looking also very strong looking men in police costumes. One couldn't ascertain whether they were in fact constables because they wouldn't talk and disclose their identity - another criminal offense. I'm left to assume that they were there by order of the magistrates as a blatant attempt at intimidation, but this didn't work either. Any one who has a basic understanding of psychology would know that anger is intrinsically linked to fear. I think that its not in vein to say that they were the ones who were scared, not I. But that's because I knew I was protected by the light of peaceful conscious observers who are also able to not react to fear. So eternal gratitude from me to all who came down last time and it would help, a lot, if you were present again this coming friday. 

So far this one case alone has passed through 3 different judges and a bar of magistrates, this has to be the last time before they climb down, or refer the case to a court of law. The magistrates court is in equity, an admiralty maritime de facto commercial court only able to deal with fictions (pieces of paper as oppose to real life and humans). In a real court - a court de Jure, the judge is a judge (as oppose to a banker), fair and impartial and in full understanding of the consequences of the criminal offense of acting outside his scope of office (ultra vires). The police constables present would be true and act upon their oaths to uphold law as oppose to blindly following the orders of someone who refuses to identify himself/herself and there would be a jury, so the trial would be judged by my peers. I'd be more than happy to enter the proceedings of a real court (though I am actually having trouble finding one), as I understand it, the only one left capable of a de Jure, common law jurisdiction is the High Court.

I could talk for hours on this subject of what can now be defined as an authority hoax. I've found that the more i've learnt and absorbed, despite how depressing it is to realize how far gone this system actually is, the more it has brought me closer to self and ultimately Jedi-hood as a master of one's own mind, law, emotional reactions and court. I become the ruler of my own court, and realizing this is to realize that to harm others, is to harm yourself and therefore naturally your actions won't brake the law. However at the same time, no longer can I let legislation, statutes, policies and codes obstruct me from doing all the the things that I am here on planet earth to do. There is not enough time and we all have a lot of work to do to turn this situation on planet earth around.

I highly recommend this article - The Authority Hoax by Mary: Croft:

outline of conduct in court. please abide by this, if you cannot conduct yourself in accordance to the points below for any reason or are harboring anger for any reason then don't come.

i) Picture everyone in their underwear, including me. If your looking worried or in fear then my subconscious will pick up on it and throw it back out again, most probably in the wrong direction.

ii) Do not agitate the ushers, officers or court staff (that is sooooo rich coming from me!) honestly though i'm trying. If I can refrain, anyone can.

iii) Be polite if spoken to. Be at peace.

iii) Do not take orders from the bar/ bench / high alter (whatever you want to call it), as in sit or stand. If the security come to remove you then be peaceful, polite and non-resistant.

iv) Anyone willing to take unbiased notes and write them up afterward would be a massive help to me and the proceeding Commercial Lien process.

vi) Invite as many people down as you can, (as long as they are peaceful and carry themselves in the manner described above), the presence of peaceful smiley people who aren't in fear is really starting to shake the frowns off some of the people that work there!

thanks in advance, big respect all people - including the delusional ones and the ones who believe they are their role play, big love to them all, they need it most.

one love, wu-tang forever.

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My whole-hearted support to Ste in his endeavours -as he makes clear, the more of us there, taking notes and bearing witness to the attempted abuses of power, the better...

In the meantime, here's a wee piece for the brain cells to mull over...


oshun  :)
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I hope everything went your way, Ste.

I'm not trying to teach my granny to suck eggs but wouldn't it be a good idea for someone in Ste's situation to say more than: 'I don't wish to enter in contract?'  To anyone not familiar with it, it does sound strange.  Would it be better to say (or have a card with) something like:

'I have not broken Common Law.  I am being questioned/detained under something other than common Law, which may or may not be Admiralty Law or some other statute.  To have any unnecessary dealings with you in such a case would be to enter into contract with you and would give you authority over me.  You may not know this, or why you are required to get me to say or do certain things, but that is the reason why and I will not answer your questions in the way you demand them to be answered.  I will answer - if I choose to answer - in the way I want to.'

That way, though they might think you are a bit strange or a barrack room lawyer, they won't think you are mad.

Thanks for the feedback Avgen, much appreciated.

Sincerest and warmest thank you's to everyone who came down and supported / witnessed the proceedings (or lack of).

It remains evident though, that some of us (me included) still need to work hard on our conduct. it's getting better but there were a few instances of BIG no no's - entering into argument or even conversation with Policy Enforcers. remember that they LOOK for controversy, they are not suddenly going to switch up and say 'oh wow yea, I do have an obligation to act upon my oath!'. The only way they will change their demeanor is if you do. Controversy makes things very easy for these actors and they would love to be able to brandish any one who claims their rights as argumentative trouble causers. Future appearances will have to up the peace level to zen. Its no joke, anyone who is going to stand as a sovereign and not act as one will end up in big trouble. if you are going through the awakening process and only awakening to the world outside of you and not the world of inside you, you are off balance and are not ready to claim self governance.

I highly recommend "A new earth" by Eckhart Tolle for anyone who doesn't know what im sayin

ok, rant over. Im at the stage now where I could do with as many witness statements as poss for the last appearance. Depending on how much time you have, you could either write them up into bullet points or a more descriptive affidavit. whichever, be factual and to the point, signed and dated. of course there will be points on some that aren't on others depending on what each individual caught and wrote down. all input will be hugely appreciated and will help my case along no end.

please mail to

thanks in advance to anyone who can

here's a link to synchronicity and how you control reality.

stay conscious.