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Hi all,

Michael of Bernicia will be doing a presentation on the 25th February in Milton Keynes.
Please find the details below.

Stony Stratford Childrens Centre
London Road
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1JH
(Please be aware some sat navs will take you to the wrong location just down the road so i would advise to print out a map)

Time: 2pm till 6pm

Date: Saturday 25th February 2012

1. The rise of the Universal Community Trust.
2. The nomination of Family Trusts as UCT beneficiaries.
3. The establishment of the jurisdiction of the UCT under natural law and diplomatic immunity from statutory authorities.
4. A presentation of a draft version of a treaty which the indigenous free peoples of the world will soon be invited to ratify.
5. A discussion of the ethical private and international banking facilities that have become available to the UCT and the transition from a system based upon debt slavery to one that will be built upon the deposit of sweat equity for mutual benefits.
6. A Q&A session on the following ubiquitous issues:

1. Pensions, Bank Accounts, Savings and Loans.
2. How will people access currency (especially in the   
   early stages) for food, utilities clothes etc?
3. How will people replace/transfer vehicles when necessary etc?
4. The Co-operative Trade Network.
5. Steps to remove oneself from the UK and operating in the UK after joining the community.
6. Cognisance (recovery of members from corporate police etc).
7. Trustee's Responsibilities, Obligations and Restrictions.
8. Education.
9. Healthcare.
10.Free Energy.

7. A update on the Representative Actions being filed by the Banksterbusters.

Donations on the day.

Hope to see you all there.
Please respond if you would like to book a place so we have an idea of numbers.


Please note the start time for this event has changed to 2pm.