Wonderful divine being,

Please join us at the next Truth Juice Open Mic night on the 30 January.  I intend to present four speakers for 20 minutes each but lets see what happens.  Currently I will be introducing Derryik Hulme shearer talking on Serpent Mythology,  how and why the serpent has been used in various cultures around the world, Robert Hawk Shamanic Healing, Marva Tucker Unlocking the secrets of your thoughts and I will inform you of the last speaker when I no myself.  :D

Also I encourage you to keep in your awareness the 13 February were we will look at how language as evolved from mark-making to picture to the written word. Hopefully you will see the benefits that arise by using a more compassionate choice of words such as Increase awareness.

Please let me know if you would like to do a talk or know of any speakers, or even if you just want to get involved. Help is always well received.

Venue: Alley Cafe Bar, Cannon Court, LongRow West, Nottingham NG1 6JE
Starting: 8pm to 11pm
£5 working
£3 non-working
£1.50 students

I encourage you to join and bath in the love of truth

Love and light


River aka Tali