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Salaam Divine fellows beings, ;)

I encourage you to keep in your awareness

Nottingham Truth Juice's

Urban Shaman Medicinal De-tox Brew

For those of you are are interested in seeking the truth and the wonderful world of insight.  Never done before.  Be ready to continue the journey of opening your mind and joining/accessing that which is bigger than you; the collective // consciousness


Monday 16th January
Prompt Start at 8 pm
£5 working £3 non-working
Alley Cafe Bar
Cannon Court, Long Row West, Nottingham NG1 6JE (Please note changes of date and venue will also appear on Facebook 'Yogic Healer') :D

If you have any idea for speakers  (that could be  you) or even venues for Truth Juice Nottingham please can you email me on talvinder_b@hotmail.com

Infinite awareness to ALL  ;D

River aka Tali