To see where we are now, and how it came to this, it is required that we have to delve into the roots of our history, much of which has been deliberately hidden and suppressed. This presentation will fill many holes in our knowledge and will offer solutions to the problems we face in our communities. There will be a donation on the door of £5 waged, £3 unwaged. If you wish to reserve a place, then PM us or let us know via another medium of your choice.  :)

QuoteA very detailed and passionate presentation by the incredible Abdun Nur
Before 1066 what is now known as the land of the Angles was known under its true name, Albion, and the Albic peoples were free. The immigrants from Germany, the Angles and the Saxons, through their Roman Catholic masters, and its iniquitous subjugated European supporters, enslaved the nation, a slavery that has not abated in a thousand years. Sovereign thinking is the basis of the Roman Catholic strategy in maintaining a subjugated mind. Through understanding the true history and heritage we all share, a greater appreciation of how we arrived in the situation of a prison planet can be considered. Amazing revelations. A must see. Check out his extraordinary web site at

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