Here is the contents of a e mail sent to me by Simon Goldberg. I feel the content is of interest to all blessing living souls who use this site.


1) White Rabbit Main Seminar
2) Mini Seminar

1) White Rabbit Main Seminar

By popular demand the next White Rabbit Seminar will be sometime January / February 2011.

Location is still required peeps - perhaps someone could arrange for father christ-mas to enter my bedroom and unload his sack into my stockings by which i mean bring us a venue at little commercial cost? lol (who said this stuff wasnt corrupting childrens minds!?)

I've heard that humour is the highest form of intelligence - all i need to do now is establish the previous paragraph as humourous and I'm laughing and by implication - intelligent?

anyway - back to busi - ness - the uncovering and understanding of new administrative technologies including, perhaps, the very foundations of the system of control as we have known it - is increasing exponentionally.

A very important link will be forwarded shortly (in other words when my pc stops mucking around and jamming)

You are referred to these websites and to a chap called

Seek Out :

Frank O'Collins. Seek out his talkshoe on Divine Trusts and the Papal Bull of 1302 and Canon Law of 1983.

The above, is, it would appear what we are dealing with as an underlying foundation!!!!!!!!!

2) Mini Seminar - Saturday 4th December 2010 - Hullbridge Community Centre, Ferry Road, Hullbridge SS5 9am start - 6pm finish.

Bar on site, and it will be open til 12 midnight.
Please make own sleeping arrangements if inclined to get mashed.
Food available on site (at your expense) at the bar, or many food establishments around including 2 pubs x 20 yds away

Contribution of approximately £2/3 per attendee toward hire of the room will be required - no need to send I trust you ;)

no teas or coffees included sorry ;( - but I believe they will be available at ze bar. plus I may be able to charm someone into making 40 coffees? who knows?

35/40 places tops.

Apologies but a smaller venue than was expected. (I of course believe it was a complete conspiracy that the previous place went up 1000% in price when i tried to book it for my law study group - lol - me and my big mouth!)

anyway.... like a wild mountain cat I shall move on....

This seminar is aimed at relative newbies to the commercial knowledge and freeman concepts.

However, for obvious reasons (ie time) I must impress upon you the importance of pre-booking your place, by email, to me, moi, preferably by no later than SUNDAY 11pm.

For those who exist over the hills and miles away - no need to come over - seriously - unless u really really want to or unless u want to join in and present some stuff.

This really is (presuming the interest exists) a Newbies Focused do - though all are welcome as usual (up to 35 max)

It is a roughly a classroom sized room.

We will be discussing, as a guide

1) THE NAME/PERSON/CORPSE - what is it - how does it work

2) MONEY - how money is created, how it works, the national debt.

3) CONTRACTS - how they work, how to create them, some examples of them in action.

4) COURTS - what really goes on - many tales of hilarity in court, admiralty jurisdiction.

free time/question time.

Please check out Eric Cantona on You Tube re the Banks and December 7th 2010 - he is encouraging people to withdraw their funds on that day!

less than 10% of all deposits are held in cash. You know what is going to happen!

Si ;p xx