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Saturday 27/11/2010

Nottingham City Centre Venue TBC by email on Friday 26/11/2010

10.30am Success Stories

1. The HMRC Remedy - Attaining Non-Taxable Status
2. The Home Office Remedy - Birth Certificates & Passports
3. Refused For Cause - The All-Purpose Remedy
4. The Utilities Remedy – Statements of Account are not Losses

12.30-1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Case Studies

The Mortgage Chronicles 1 – The Default Position
The Mortgage Chronicles 2 – The Creditor Position
The Case against the Banks
Legal Precedents & Class Action Suits

4.00-4.30pm Refreshments

4.30pm In Communities We Trust

The Universal Community Trust – The Story So Far
The Prototype Community – A Request For Potential Beneficiaries

These areas of discussion are subject to change and amendment.

Those who wish to attend should reserve a place by emailing As always, places are limted.


Hey Everybody  :D

I am not going to be able to make this one - I am already off for the weekend on other Freeman-related business.  I've no idea when I'll be up in Notts again, but Deva and I haven't forgotten you: we send you our love and trust that all will go well! - Jay

Hey everyone,

Just to confirm that we seem to have the refreshements covered for saturday and
whilst we are providing a meal at lunchtime, it would be great if folks are able to bring a few
items themselves in the spirit of' doing it together, for ourselves'; in
this light maybe folks would be happy to contribute:
1.pickles and chutneys
2. candles
3. crystals (!?)
4. time for chores

Blessings and oodles of love to one and all

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Hi. Tomorrow's conference begins at 1030 and will run till 1700 or so.

The venue is the Art Org on Station Street, adjacent to the railway station.

We are in the building above the Tesco store. Any queries,
just ask someone at the counter in the Hopkinson Building/Art Organisation,  just down the
road and they'll point you in the right direction.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Have a safe journey, wherever you
may be travelling from...


ThinkFree  ;)
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