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« on: June 29, 2010, 07:23:38 PM »
What's all this about the word 'understand'?  How can saying you understand be equal to saying that you acknowledge that you are under their jurisdiction?

But, if that is what it means, why not answer:  'I comprehend'*, or: I am aware of what you mean'?

*The etymological meaning of 'comprehend' is 'to grasp', 'to take hold of'.  If the literal and original meaning of words is so important to them (such as 'stand under'), you will be saying that you take hold of what they have said.  Which could be interpreted that you have overpowered it and them.

If, after using these methods of answering, they ignore your answer and keep asking you if you understand, you will know that 'understand' has this special power and special meaning to them. Then you can ask why they won't accept the answer you have given.  You could go on to say: 'Are you trying to trick me out of my rights by using some special coded language that is designed to act like some sort of magic spell to give you power over me?' 

You could add:  'Do you understand?'  ;D