Author Topic: ...Frigging in the Rigging  (Read 504 times)


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...Frigging in the Rigging
« on: June 20, 2017, 12:14:40 PM »

Let’s face facts – the ‘snap’ election scheduled for 8th June, 2017 is nothing more than a sophisticated puppet show, the result of which will be rigged in favour of those who control the marionettes who operate on the stage known as the House of Commons. These marionettes are collectively known as politicians. However, a more suitable expression may be ‘polipuppet’, which for the purposes of clarity can be defined thus:

polipuppet |?polipupett|
a life-long actor who obediently and professionally plays the role of a political party representative, and is controlled by the House of Rothschild and/or its agencies.

Margaret Thatcher was a British polipuppet whose decimation of the country’s industry was carried out under the instructions of N. M. Rothschild.


21st century English: from Old French politique ‘political,’ via Latin from Greek politikos, from polit?s ‘citizen,’ from polis ‘city’ and ‘puppet’ mid 16th cent. (denoting a doll): later form of poppet, generally having a more unfavourable connotation.

In the same way the life-long actor known as Donald Trump was falsely presented as a maverick candidate who was inserted to quell the rising tide of nationalism amongst an awakening American populace (who merely voted for a new CEO of the USA Corporation) both May and Corbyn will be offered up as ‘solutions’ to the problems facing the UK Corporation.[...] continued at
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