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The Immorality of Banking –  a plain tale

Of Old King Coal, fake LOBO loans and illusory debt, exposed to the bones.

I have written many times about the fraudulent nature of the banking system;  I have even fallen prey to its genocidal ways and co-produced a film about it, TGBMS.  I’m not going to stop writing about it either, so long as it is necessary to expose its immoral machinations for what they are.

Money and its creation is the world’s biggest religion. It holds everyone in thrall.  It is a racket that permeates every aspect of our lives, no matter which level of so-called society we find ourselves at.

As Michael of Bernicia states in the trailer to the aforementioned film,

‘What would you do if you knew that every bank loan was a complete and utter fraud? That the banking industry is a huge con?”
Some might, quite understandably, take the view that he who has been tricked deserves to be tricked. After all, if he was unable to see through the con trick at the time it was played, then more fool he. Were we not warned via the programming of the brand known as Shakespeare, to be wary of usury and Jewish money lenders (The Merchant of Venice)? Was it not laid out clearly to us in Hamlet? –

Neither a borrower nor a lender be,
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 75–77
And what of Jesus overturning the money-changers’ tables in the temple?

When everyone and everything is in hock to the banksters, one cannot help but think, how did it get to this? The history of banking, its use of fiat currencies, of usury and the hidden practices of credit creation via the honourable promise to pay are there to be explored by the critical thinker and it behoves him to do so at the earliest opportunity.

How and why so many fail to understand the fraud that is committed by the banks every minute of every day is a question which can be answered by a brief examination of the state’s deliberate policy of dumbing down the population via its programme of mass schooling. Notice I state schooling and not education, which is something completely different.

Schools exist not to liberate the individual and inspire him to become whatever he so chooses to be but, rather, have been created to deliberately dumb down the people into a collective mass of stupidity which neither knows of nor cares to understand the matrix of deceit that has been constructed around it. Standardised tests measure the ability to regurgitate information – it is the Frankfurt School of thought whereby shit in equals shit out. The masses are effectively dumbed down and those who can parrot, without question, the information they have been fed are rewarded with the jobs in ‘human resource’ organisation and other low grade service sector positions of management. They are paid according to how well they tow the line. They are not paid to think:

“Mass dumbness is vital to modern society. The dumb person is wonderfully flexible clay for psychological shaping by market research, government policymakers; public-opinion leaders, and any other interest group. The more pre-thought thoughts a person has memorized, the easier it is to predict what choices he or she will make. What dumb people cannot do is think for themselves or ever be alone for very long without feeling crazy. That is the whole point of national forced schooling; we aren’t supposed to be able to think for ourselves because independent thinking gets in the way of “professional” think-ing, which is believed to follow rules of scientific precision.” John Taylor Gatto, The Tyranny Of Compulsory Schooling CONTINUED AT
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