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freespirit4all: Read kate's writings, all is revealed! It is a must.
Her other site is Everything you will ever need to become free is here in kates writings, she reveals the trickery the courts use with words, how to get rid of the noose-ie: the birth certificate, template letters, a very, enlightening read, very very clever.

M O'D:
This is the first (and likely to be the last) reference on this forum to the legal fallacies promoted by the man known as Wilfred Keith Thompson who insists on being called 'Kate of Gaia'.

The major error in his work is the fact that one's name is given to one by one's parents. It may not surprise people to hear that a man with gender issues take umbrage over what some accurately refer to as the 'name game'.

Whilst the Crown does record the given name from the informant (one of the parents) on the register of births, it is simply not true to state that the name is the property of the crown.

The traps for the name are well-documented (check out capitus diminutio but they are all related to one's acceptance of being a citizen. The citizenship is the trap, not the name. If a man knows who he he truly is, then he is free to use which ever name he so chooses and there are ways around the various pitfalls like driving permits, registrations and licences of all descriptions. The name is not the problem - it is how it is used that may cause difficulties.

In other words, if a man wishes to be free of the fake trappings of the state, then he would do well to renounce his citizenship to the phoney state and declare his sovereignty.

Notwithstanding that, is the original poster able to provide just one example of the methods advocated by the trans-gendered one providing clear and demonstrable remedy from the entrapment of citizenship?

The tendency to rant and slag off all and sundry who disagree with him does him no favours either. KoG offers no remedies.

People who are genuinely interested in freedom need to drop their citizenship. That is the only remedy worth considering, not the over emotive rants of 'Kate', a transvestite formerly known as Keith, who describes himself as "transgendered", which, ironically enough, is a made up noun for an imaginary state of mind used by the very system he is denouncing.

For those who are interested, here is a video exposing Keith/Kate for the bullshit artist he is:

Freespirit4all, you will be given the benefit of the doubt on this occasion but just so one is aware, this forum does not promote the work of any one unless it is proven to provide remedy and especially not the demonstrable horseshit as expounded by Keith.  For now, the post will left to stand for educational reasons - the education being how to decipher the nonsense of fake gurus like Keith.



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