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« on: October 17, 2014, 08:22:43 PM »
Heartiest Salutations to One and All,

it occurs to me that it is now time to state plainly that which has come to one's cognisance - a fact that has been forming for a number of years now but has only recently come to be demonstrably so...

In other words, the reasons behind the existence of this humble website have become crystal clear:

Whilst one is not stating that every single post and every piece of information on this forum is entire and complete in its scope, this site exists resolutedly to make light of the dark...

Therefore, on the basis that if one is not enjoying oneself, then one is doing something wrong... let it be heard loud and clear:

ThinkFree is an educational site dedicated to making light of the heavy or the dark.

There are no trolls here.

There are no egotistical bullshitters purveying their wares.

There are no demands for money.

There are no nay-sayers.

There are no 150+ pages of wild-eyed speculation on some fake 'silver bullet' remedy... And there are no pretences - it is exactly what it is - a bullshit free zone of critical thinking.

And in that spirit of genuine gratitude, I hereby publicly thank each and every member and/or contributor to that which Think Free has become.

Particular thanks go out to Ross of the Farrell family and Helen of the Wilcox clan for their recent manifestations of generosity and support: it is greatly appreciated... particular thanks is also made to Simon of the Hayden tribe for his help behind the scenes in smoothing over the path of TF's transition to a new server location...

By their actions shall ye know them... :)
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