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29 September 2013

Hello all …

What an encouraging time it has been these past few weeks for those who have been working to alert the world to the global conspiracy in all its forms. For the first time that I can remember – certainly in anything like recent times – a devastating military attack has been averted, at least for now, by the power of public opinion fuelled by the force that is changing the game – information.

Everything is information. The Universe is information interacting with information through encoded and decoded information and this is why the global networks of tyranny and control have always targeted information as their prime vehicle for what I call in my new upcoming book, The Perception Deception.

They don’t control the mainstream media for a bit of fun but because it is fundamental to the mass deception programming so vital to manipulating the population to perceive (and so respond and react) in ways that build their own prison cell and slam shut the door on human freedom.

The game has always been to deliver the information (lies and deceit) that programmes the desired perception, and censors, blocks and marginalises the information that would offer another perspective on events, the world and life itself.

This is the real reason that religion was introduced. What better perception deceiver could you imagine except for direct mind-control through technological and other means?

Here is a ‘holy’ book and it is all you need to know. Anyone who questions what it says, or suggests other possibilities, is not only wrong, but blasphemous and, in extreme cases (and there have been so many), they commit a crime punishable by death. There you go – another awakened mind out of our hair, or no hair, depending on what our religion demands.

The book may be the Bible, the Koran, government policy or ‘scientific’ orthodoxy, but they are all basically the same religion with different names for the heroes, be it Jesus, Mohammed, Obama or Professor Richard Dawkins.

People are still killed for their beliefs – see the executions of non-believers by Syrian ‘rebels’ (terrorists) – but ridicule, dismissal, censorship and bans from the mass media are the usual responses today and this has served The System so well in dominating the information that most people receive.

The equation is simple: information in = perception out. This is why The People’s Voice must succeed.

Even awakened consciousness is an awakening to sources of more expanded information and insight which leads to a more expanded perception of reality. It’s all information in the end in its multiple and infinite forms.

The Internet is a double-edged game-changer with the potential for both advancing freedom of expression and also enslavement of perception because it has become the dominant information source for many. It is the stadium today in which the direction of human society is increasingly being decided.

It must have been a difficult call for the manipulators to introduce the World Wide Web, for it has the capability of completing the global perception prison or turning it to dust and history. But they had little choice given that the Internet is designed to be the technological collective mind that eventually attaches to, and so entraps and enslaves, the collective human mind.

The evidence is already becoming overwhelming that interaction with the Internet is changing the way the brain works and so how we interact with reality. The brain wires its circuitry according to its focus and information interfaces, and so a person with a significant Internet focus has to be open to neuro-rewiring compared with little or none.

Minds that are conscious beyond five-sense reality will not be affected in the same way because the brain has another information focus or input – the greater reality beyond mind-body; but those who are closed to the wider consciousness are babes in arms to Internet neuro-manipulation.

Research has shown for instance that people are transferring memory from their own mind to search engines – ‘I don’t have to remember that, I can always Google.’ Deleting memory and imposing a fake one is a vital pillar in the global prison/zombie state.

It was announced this week that scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered a gene in mice which can overwrite old memories with new ones. One article said:

‘Both groups [of mice] were trained to fear a cage with an electric shock placed inside. When researchers put the mice back inside the cage, only those with an active Tet1 gene were unafraid of the cage, because their memory of being hurt had been replaced by new information.’

Researchers say that the discovery could ‘help to treat those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or other painful experiences’. Yes, that’s the selling feature and I am sure that at least many involved see this development as good for the world.

But the throttle goes both ways and this is precisely in line with the Global Cabal agenda to erase human memory and replace it with a fake sense of what people think they know about ‘past’ experience. The Internet is certainly playing a part in externalising human memory with the transfer from mind to search engines.

A Science Magazine study had students type something onto a computer and they were told that either it would or would not be saved. Those told that it would be had lower rates of recall compared with those who were told that it wouldn’t – ‘It’s on the computer hard drive so I don’t have to keep it on my own.’

William Klemm, a neuroscience professor at Texas A&M University, says that creative thinking comes from remembered knowledge and the more memory that is stored online the more creative thinking will be diminished.

Attention spans are also falling as people scroll through headlines and read the odd bit of text rather than using the deeper and longer levels of concentration demanded by reading books of substance that take time to work through and absorb. Research studies have suggested that this can lead to ‘a lack of focus’ and ‘fractured thinking’ which can continue in everyday life away from the computer.

University of California professor Gary Small said after a study in 2007 that ‘five hours on the Internet and the … subjects had already rewired their brains’. Clearly one consequence of this is an addiction to technology – not just to computers and the Internet, but to mobile phones and i-pads which stimulate the same parts of the re-wired brain.

People can find it almost impossible to unplug and so they keep going back for another fix.

Add to all this the fundamental potential of the Internet for surveillance and personality profiling through surfing choices and you can see why military technology was released to make possible the World Wide Web. It wasn’t done as an act of benevolence and a desire for an informed population – that’s the last thing The System wants.

The Internet is there to entrap and addict the sense of reality of the global population and it is becoming very successful with regard to those encased in body-mind perception.

But there was always going to be a downside on the way to that end because the most effective forms of perception control are invariably sold as a benefit to their targets. They have to be or people would not be interested. Look at smart phones, for example, and cellphones in general. There are visible benefits in communicating whenever you want and going on line when you are not at home.

At the same time, however, unconscious people are becoming ever more addicted to technology which fries their brain and one of the most crucial consequences for human free-thought, often missed, is that a constant in-your-pocket, on-computer, flow of informational neuro-stimulation deletes the potential for insight that comes from the day-dreaming ponder and quiet contemplation.

The benefit sales-pitch for the Internet was access to uncensored information and instant worldwide communication and I am sure that the manipulators underestimated the potential of that to expose their methods, machinations and goals. This is why there is such an effort underway to censor the benefits of undiluted information while keeping all the negative effects that I have described – and more.

But so much damage to their secrecy has already been done by this Internet child of control which is akin to the famous Sorcerer’s Apprentice of the Disney animation when the magician’s creation replicated and replicated itself until he lost complete control of what he had created.

This has happened with the Internet in so many ways and now we see the gathering panic to return cats to bags and genies to bottles.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: one magically-created broom with bucket became so many that the building was flooded.

In the golden age of the Internet up to this point so much information about the Hidden Hand and its modus operandi has been circulated that it has begun to demonstrably impact on the perceptions of an increasingly vast number of people. Compare the difference in overall public reaction to the proposed invasion of Iraq and the bombing of Syria.

Yes, the lies used to justify the death and destruction in Iraq played a major part in this resistance but we should not underestimate the effect of the far greater awareness of how politicians and their masters and lackeys lie to justify a means to a specific end.

When you have the fodder on Capitol Hill saying that up to 90 percent of their calls from constituents were demanding they vote ‘no’ to an assault on Syria it is clear that something is changing in the collective psyche, at least at one level.

I was also tremendously encouraged to see how many were now open to the reality of the technique I have been calling for 20 years ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ in the way that more people than ever before could conceive the possibility that the chemical attack in Syria could have been instigated by the US-backed ‘rebels’ (terrorists) as a pretext to use the American military to bomb Assad from power.

The same happened in Britain with Prime Minister Cameron’s desperate, pathetic and shameful mendacity failing to win support in a usually war-compliant Parliament for yet another exercise in mass murder and conquest. The public is getting far more streetwise – not the majority yet, of course – but a now significant and ever more influential number.

Awareness of different parts of the game, if not always the game itself, is growing exponentially and we are now seeing, for instance, how public campaigns are causing brain-dumbing fluoride to be removed from drinking water supplies in many places.

All this has come from the incessant flow of alternative information year after year to challenge the lies of the system-serving mainstream and how critical it is for the now panicked Cabal to shut it down.

It has become a major priority for them, but there are people in back bedrooms that are far more computer and Internet savvy than the military and intelligence communities – witness the way British Asperger's Syndrome sufferer Gary McKinnon hacked into top secret US military computer systems almost at will while searching for mention of UFO and extraterrestrial visitations.

I am also very keen to get The People’s Voice on air and as big as possible as quickly as possible to make it counter-productive for The System to challenge TPV’s existence because, should it do so, it would make a mighty public statement about its intent to silence the population – something it absolutely will not want to do and expose their game for all to see.

There is so much to be encouraged by and we must push on with even greater effort, determination and effectiveness.

But there is a bigger picture here and something that I have been talking and writing about since 1990 and my book Truth Vibrations. I met many psychics in that early period as my mind exploded into another sense of reality and many said they were being told to tell me the same thing – that a vibrational change was coming that would wake up the world.

Or, at least, wake up those who could tune their minds to its frequencies.

I have called this phenomenon the ‘Truth Vibrations’ ever since because I was told in 1990 how the effect would be to awaken minds entrapped by programmed belief and perception and how all that had been hidden from us would be brought to the surface and put on public view. There was no sign of that nearly a quarter of a century ago, but now look at it.

What we are seeing in the enormous numbers worldwide who are re-thinking and re-feeling reality and the nature of self and life is the Truth Vibrations at work – just as I was told would happen all those years ago. It’s the same with the way people are questioning authority and its claims and fairy tales like never before.

The Wembley area of London where we have the studio of The People’s Voice is very multi-cultural. All human life is there, as they say, and people from all races, cultures and backgrounds have been coming up to me in the street and elsewhere with positive comments and encouragement.

We have a global phenomenon on our hands because the Truth Vibrations are everywhere – it only takes the choice to open your minds to them and bingo, perceptions, and so lives, begin the process of transformation. This is a fair summary of just some of what this means …

A couple of things here: The Truth Vibrations are a frequency band, not a single frequency, and it is not the case that people wake up suddenly in full awareness, although that can happen occasionally. Well, in a fuller awareness than most others, anyway.

If you are touched by the lower levels of the Truth Vibration band you will awaken to some new insight, but if you can open your body-mind to the higher frequencies your whole concept of reality is transformed.

The choice is ours because the Truth Vibrations are there for everyone, resonating in the same ‘space’ (illusion) that you are sitting in (illusion) now. But those obsessed and addicted with purely five-sense reality (illusion) will not be touched by them.

This is why there is a distinct parting of the ways between those awakening and others who are being pulled ever deeper into the manufactured illusion of The Matrix, the fake reality that I expose and explain like never before in The Perception Deception.

Are people going to connect with the Truth Vibrations (expanded awareness/information) or are they going to stay in the density of Matrix manipulation? This is the choice and anyone can make it.

Vibration means movement. The quicker (higher) the vibration, the quicker the movement; and the quicker the movement, the higher the vibration. In turn, the higher the vibration, the more advanced and enlightened is the awareness/information and the vibrational potential gets faster and faster and higher and higher until it transforms into pure stillness and silence – the All That Is, the All Possibility, from which all form (vibration) is made manifest.

We are all an imagination of the mind of ‘God’, as some have put it; but what is often forgotten is that the dream and the dreamer are the same. We are not only the imagination of ‘God’; we are that which is imagining. We are ‘God’ or, as I prefer, the Infinite All That Is, Has Been and Ever Can Be (All Possibility).

Humanity is encased in the density of ignorance – coldly-engineered ignorance – by a force that we cannot see; but we can feel and observe the consequences of its influence in wars, personal conflicts, suffering, fear, anxiety, frustration, fury and violence.

Look at density (slow/low vibration) and you see how it withdraws into itself while the ethereal (quicker/higher vibration) interpenetrates other energetic states. It is the same with the human energy field. The denser it becomes through low-vibrational thought and emotion the more it disconnects from the greater reality.

This is what humanity has been manipulated to do because then our perceptions of self and the world are formed from fundamentally limited information – the result of disconnection from a far wider access to All Possibility, All Knowingness.

This is the same ignorance which, throughout ‘history’, has condemned, killed and ridiculed those who can see beyond its vibrational myopia.

The slave mind is imprisoned in density. One creates the other and vice-versa.

The Truth Vibrations are chipping away at that human density to create movement and the process of awakening is often rightly called ‘The Shift’. It is a vibrational shift out of energetic density and into higher states of awareness (vibration).

Anyone who wants to go with this must make the choice consciously or subconsciously to make that shift. Crucial to this is to put all preconceived beliefs aside. I am not asking you to ditch them, in fact I am not asking anyone to do anything; it’s up to them.

But at least suspend their impact on your perceptions for a while and let the energy they are blocking and holding in density start to move. Beliefs and emotions are energetic states – everything is – and myopia and ridged belief manifest, and are manifested from, energetic density.

What is rigidity, as in rigid beliefs? Something that doesn’t move – defined as ‘firmly fixed or set’. In energetic terms, that means density generated by low, slow vibrations.

Once people free their thoughts by freeing their minds from immovable perception rigidity then everything can start to move – vibrate to a different frequency – and the Truth Vibrations can do their work.

When I observe the changing public perceptions of government statements and claims, and the gathering awareness about the multiple attacks on human health and other agendas, I see the Truth Vibrations impacting upon human society by teasing open the minds of people to see what they would have immediately rejected before – like using chemical weapons on civilians to justify a devastating attack on the Assad regime.

But these are only the baby-steps of the Truth Vibrations. Suspend programmed belief some more, and then some more still, and your whole perception of life, the universe and everything will change until there is hardly a single belief remaining intact from what you believed before.

There is such a long way still to go, and the forces behind human control are far from finished yet to say the least. Indeed, in their increasingly panic-stricken state they are likely to become even more extreme before their house of cards doth fall – as it will.

But the signs are increasingly good that we are on our way now. The People’s Voice is another major global expression of the Truth Vibrations as it goes on air in a matter of weeks to give voice to the awakening. The best – with many setbacks here and there – is yet to come.

That’s it, see you next week,

best wishes,


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