Pentos says hi


Yo free folks,
This is Jonathan of the Inceni Trinovantes Trust.
Pentos is my alter ego and you can see some of my doings here here and here

Im mostly a film maker.

I am and have been tussling with the system for some time, in various forms with varying degrees of success.
I'm currently tilting at the power giant SSE Energy Supply Ltd, who I am suing in County for 36 counts of harassment within the meaning of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, about to go for them for fraud in Magistrates, as well as bitch-slapping the directors with a commercial lien in the £m's :)

I'm also going after a water company
I like long walks and romantic dinners for 6 or more.

In L'Akesh

M O'D:
Welcome aboard, jonathan of the iceni... we look forward to hearing more of your exploits.



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