Hello from Leicester Common Unity Trust



This is Muriel (and sometimes Paul) of Avalon, we are behind the leicester common unity trust :-)

I have a question:
Paul and I both have quite a bit of money tied up in private pensions.  I am aware that there is a facility for self investing your pension.  Has anyone got experience doing this?  My thought is, as I am pretty sure we'll never see the light of that money, that if I take over the investing, I can "invest" it in buying land … and obviously, I want usufruct of this land :-) …  Thoughts????

M O'D:
Hi muriel (and sometimes paul  ;) ) and welcome to the home of free thinking  :)

if you have paid into a pension, then you are entitled to the proceeds whoever you are (whether a uk citizen or not) or wherever you might be... A thread on this subject in the private forum may well be a good move... there are a number of us who are in such a position!


MoE, where is the private forum?



M O'D:
PM sent. Follow the link and all will be apparent...  8)


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