Greetings All from Master Matt of Ilkeston, Newbie introduction


Hello to all.
Hoping to meet and join the CCT and the UCT as a beneficiary soon and thought I would list some of my ideas and aims here.
I am keen to become a Freeman within the UCT and CCT to help me reclaim my rights and sovereignty.  I would like help getting my Lawful documents checked and witnessed within the CCT.  I am in need of good men to bear witness and this would ideally be Freeman within the UCT or CCT and to also act as postmaster, witnessing estopel.  I am keen to get involved and be of any assistance I can. 

I want to help myself and others reclaim back our rights, land and property.  I have an in depth knowledge of ways to legally and lawfully reclaim both land and property.  This includes adverse possesion, Bylaws and Common Law methods.  Whilst I understand
that eventually the reclaiming of land by the above methods should not eventually be required, I think this will be a good initial base for the CCT for meetings, community's etc.

I want to help anyone who needs help and I especially would like to help the homeless and other vulnerable people in the community.
I would like to acquire a non profit based collection of both land and disused commercial property for the benefit of both the UCT/CCT and the wider community.  From this base we can grow organic heirloom fruit, veg and herbs on reclaimed small holdings as
part of any sweat equity.
Also I would like to develop living off the land skills including generating alternative energy, eating natural plants and organic animals.  Sharing all usefull information especially on Common Law and dealing with Injustice by Lawful Rebellion.

I would also like to reclaim one of the 5000 islands off the coast of the UK and start a new community from scratch which could be the first freeman Country!

Having been seriously ill and close to death last year I have a new perspective on life and the world.  I am keen to take action to improve things for myself, UCT, CCT, fellow freeman and the wider community through peaceful and Lawful means.

If anyone shares a similar philosophy and wants to meet up, please get in touch  :)

Peace, Love and Compassion :)
Best regards
Master Matt of Ilkeston

M O'D:
A warm welcome, matt and thank you for the introduction ~ especially given the aforementioned qualities and aptitudes. It's a pleasure to have you on board, my friend   :)


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