Natural Law

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Various links to reading material concerning Natural Law.

The Kybalion

The Stellar Man by John Baines.

Aquinas on Liberty pdf

End of all evil pdf.

The Global Sovereigns handbook pdf by Johnny Liberty.

Right is Might a basic book on Ethical Behaviour by Richard W. Wetherill

Mark Passio Natural Law and Sovereignty pdf.

The Elements of Law Natural and Politic / by Thomas Hobbes

The Politics of Obedience:The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude By Ettien de La Boite

Audio and video.

Mark Passio Natural Law and Sovereignty presentation.

Mark Passio's Natural Law youtube podcast.

Eoin O'Siluria:
This is a good reference, I always look to.


In particular: The Law of Nations or The Principles of Natural Law >>

Blackstone Commentaries >>

Lonang Curriculum >>

M O'D:
Great post, mjk ~ many thanks for sharing.

This is also a good intro to the subjects of Natural Law and Sovereignty ~ Mark Passio on American Freedom Radio

Eoin O'Siluria:
That's a great interview, thanks for posting. 

As posted on the Skype group, We need to make shore our minds are attuned to the right vibrational frequency which carries the message of natural law, through mindfulness and meditation, as has been done in order to aid the manifestation of the UCT,  through what can be described as divine inspiration or awen,  If this is an alien concept to you there will naturally be a level of confusion or misunderstanding as to the driving force behind the UCT, this force pervades all things within the multiverses, this is so much more real than the Crowns claim that they are chosen and empowered by a fictional God, backed by the church, the truth is that we are all empowered by this all pervading force, we simply need to activate our natural genetic codes and transform in order to fully understand and connect to the source of all intelligence and ultimately transcend all restrictions placed upon us.. IMO of course, Confusion about this is rife unfortunately


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