The Corieltauvi Community Trust Invitation


M O'D:
Warm Salutations to One and All

Dear Friends and Esteemed Acquaintances,

As you will doubtless be aware, the Corieltauvi Community Trust was formally declared by Way of Deed on Wednesday 20 June 2012 in the place commonly known as Nottingham.

As Sovereign Men and Women, many of whom have revoked their consent to be governed by way of Declaration and Claim of Right to Her Lowness, the woman acting a the ‘Queen’, we invite all who wish to become beneficiaries of the Community Trust, under the jurisdiction of natural law, within Universal Community Trust.

I write to you in the belief that what we are facing right now is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to step away from a system whose authoritarian control mechanisms are designed to deny each Man his birthright ~ the liberty to become all that he wishes to be, without the imposition of fake financial debt and governmental interference in every aspect of his life, from cradle to grave.

The system’s effects on the lives of all and its built-in limitations  ~ essentially the fiat currency financial apparatus ~ have been expressed elsewhere in great detail, so I will not go any further with that in this missive. It is self evident that very few of us (if any) are able to enjoy complete freedom from a system so dependent upon deception and maintaining ignorance throughout the people. Many people are so deeply captivated with and captured by this matrix of control, they are reluctant to leave it ~ no matter how much it jars with their hearts’ desire for freedom. 

What we are expressing here is a real and imperative opportunity to step out of that which is designed to inhibit and curtail our development ~ a chance to take the individual and community lead next steps in our quest for true liberation. Now is the opportunity for us to create the kinds of communities and cooperative trade networks that we have seeking which will allow us to live autonomous lives free from debt based slavery to the Banksters.

For those who are aware, it is a self evident fact that there is more to unite us than divide us. We are, whether or not we realise it, all connected by that within us that demands freedom from all forms of control and now is the moment where everyone who lives and breathes for freedom can take their journey to the next level and beyond the undue influences of the state.

For many the keystone for this is the Private or Family Trust** which is created by the individual(s) grantor(s) for the benefit of the beneficiaries ~ this could be for the benefit of whoever is specified, for offspring that are yet to be born, for close friends, relatives and children. Further information can be found here:

*  ~ ** HERE can be found the documentation for Private Family Trusts and the UCT which can be cut and pasted and completed to create your own.
Family Trust Declaration

The effect of creating the Family~Private Trust will be that all property is placed into trust by the Grantor(s) for the beneficiaries which means any and all corporate entities that are seeking moneys from you will be unable to touch the property as the trust offers that first layer of protection ~ you own nothing, having granted it all into private trust for the benefit of others and no entity can touch it.  Similarly, any claims against a member of the UCT will be dealt with first and foremost under Natural Law i.e. Outside the inferior statutory based HM Court system.

The Private Family Trust is protected by the Corieltauvi Community Trust which is protected by the Universal Community Trust.  3 Rings of protection, as it were.

The Universal Community Trust is in the process of creating a Permanent Credit Facility whereby, in return for one’s pledge of sweat equity, each beneficiary will be able to deposit in our local depository, a self-created financial instrument (Promissory Note) into an account from which a line of credit will be streamed.

The Treaty of UCT is now in place and, at the time of writing, some 28 sovereign nations have been declared around the globe, with the majority for now being on these lands. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office are aware of our existence and have acquiesced by silence to all claims.

UCT passports and ID cards will shortly be available to an initial 6 within our Community Trust.  The UCT has created local and inter-national community trade networks, educational and spiritual frameworks, as well as support for all members in all matters including, without limitation,  legal issues. If someone has a legitimate financial claim against you, then the UCT will endeavor to satisfy it in full. Similarly, the UCT will providing an arbitration service for all its beneficiaries who require it ~ in other words, any commercial and/or legal entity with which a beneficiary of UCT has a dispute will be able to take it into an international arbitral hearing.

On the Summer Solstice of 2012, the Sovereign Community Trusts of Indigenous Free Peoples throughout these lands ratified a Treaty which brings us together under Universal Community Trust. This has since been extended to include other such Sovereign Peoples around the Globe as we move towards liberation and greater prosperity for all. 

The Corieltauvi Community Trust will shortly be having a meeting of all trustees, beneficiaries and prospective members at a venue to be announced. Please email or contact us through the website should you have any questions.

We have a private forum on which, until we have created our own website, will be the dedicated place for all matters concerning the CCT.

Thank you for taking the time and the effort to apply your due diligence to this matter. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving all messages of support. In la’kesh.


Michael, Sovereign Trustee of the Universal Community Trust and Grantor of the Corieltauvi Community Trust™


Eoin O'Siluria:
What a wonderful letter, truly inspiring  :)

M O'D:

--- Quote ---The Corieltauvi Community Trust will shortly be having a meeting of all trustees, beneficiaries and prospective members at a venue to be announced. Please email or contact us through the website should you have any questions.
--- End quote ---

Details here

--- Quote --- We have a private forum on which, until we have created our own website, will be the dedicated place for all matters concerning the CCT.
--- End quote ---

Please contact or pm michael of brigantia through should you wish to gain access to the private forum.

Thank-you, Ian  :)

hello MOE
Im looking into creating a family trust to protect my assets. I have joined UCT  and am involved  in IA. the charge on my property has recently matured and brought me to consider what i should do with the property now to make it safe. I went to a solicitor today, as synchronicity would have it, to speak about creating a trust, really to find out more about what he had to say about the pro's and con's of setting up a trust. he was very dismissive of the idea and seemed more intent on who or what i may be hiding from.
I would be really grateful if it is possible to get into a dialogue with people who can help with creating a family Trust
I've been listening to Dean Clifford MP3's and have been fascinated with his ideas aboutTrusts. If i understand his position correctly ..... he is saying the legal person is a Trust which is owned by no-one. However as the Man you are grantor and thus beneficiary of this Trust....?
If the legal person is a Trust does it stand to reason that any property registered to the legal person is already in a trust, ie, that of the lagal person....?

I have previously downlaoded and completed the Family trust docs from UCT but havnt taken it any further solely because i couldnt find what to do next...?

What should i do with the completed Trust document?

Do i need to apply for a change of register at Land Reg?

In the AFFIRMATION OF THE BENEFICIARIES template it says.....

EXECUTED AS A DEED by ……………………………………………………………………………………………… Grantor / Trustee of Living/Family Trust
EXECUTED AS A DEED by ……………………………………………………………………………………………… Beneficiary of Living/Family Trust
can i be grantor/trustee and beneficiary?

Once i have Autographed and sealed (i presume this means signature?) the doc do i need to have it signed by solicitor or notary or another body for it to be authorized or is it enough that it is signed by Grantor, Trustee and beneficiary?

also it says....
In the presence of............,
Who is required to complete this section.?

Am i right in thinking; The Corieltauvi Community Trust is a trust that i can put a family trust into for more security?

As i said previously i'de be really appreciative of any help in how to set up a trust.


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