Allo Everyone, new and a bit confused ! ! !! !


Allo All !
I am very happy to be given the opportunity to join this forum.
I am trying to educate myself so as arm myself with knowledge to tackle the oppressors (mainly the Banksters) but I don't know where to start. I've read some of the threads on mortgages but the info is going right over my head!
So I need some advice on where to start, so i can build up my knowledge.
One other thing, I don't know if any of you guys have watched 'The Mortgage Chronicles'

Which after watching I became quite disheartened !
It seemed to me that Michael of Elmet has a fair bit knowledge but despite this at the end his house is forcibly taken from him.

It has been a long road already for many who have fought and bought us this far.

We are fighting the Banksters on many fronts and there is good news coming through every week.

Take a look at this link...

Each fight, each battle, we learn for the next confrontation.

Never, ever, give in to the Thieving Bastards

OH, and bytheway, Welcome

Welcome to the fight far-out.

Welcome Far-Out

I must say that I am a little concerned after reading the last link as to the motives and questionable ethics of some folk who are aiming to claim property which has not been gained from hard work and also profiting on the money earned from hard working tenants, they are just as bad as the banks IMO. those with more than a simple family home for which they are fighting should give up the false belief of getting something for nothing and earn an honest living to the best of their ability in my opinion. :-X


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